Can’t conceive, repeated abortion, the problem may be immune. How to deal with it?

Immune factors account for about 50%to 60%of the many factors of recurrent abortion. Among them, autoimmune recurrence abortion accounts for about 1/3, so repeated abortion, the reason may be on the immune system!

【Immune infertility】

1. Immune infertility refers to infertility caused by immune factors.Immune infertility accounts for about 10-30%of patients with infertility, including anti-sperm antibodies, antibody endometrial antibodies, antibody antibodies, and other types of immune infertility.

2. Common immune infertility caused by anticipated antibodies.

3. Infection factors such as the women’s reproductive tract inflammation, bacterial virus and other infections are used as natural adult agents, which enhances the body’s immune response to sperm antigen, and interference hinders fertilization and causes infertility.

[Three categories of immune infertility]

1. Same immunity

The first is the man’s sperm and sperm as the antigen, which produces antibodies in the woman, causing sperm to condense or cause sperm to lose mobility.

The second is that about 15%-18%of infertile women have anti-sperm antibodies in their body.

2. Local immunity

Women’s cervical mucosa and endometrium contain lymphocytes that produce immunoglobulin G and A, and cervical mucus contain immunoglobulin G, A and M with anticipate.Therefore, the cervix and female reproductive tract have a local immune effect on sperm.

3. Self -immunity

Men’s sperm, sperm paste or female eggs, reproductive tract secretions, hormones and other germ tracts enter their own surrounding tissue, causing an immune response to their bodies, producing anti -sperm antibodies, 5%to 9%infertility male in male spermAntibodies exist.


1. What is autoimmune recurrence abortion.

One is "beating yourself by yourself."

The second is to participate in immune lymphocytes and lose tolerance, causing the body to respond to its own cell antigen.

Third, the immune response generated by the combination of cellularity of cells and the combination of cell surface -specific antigen with its own antibody.

The fourth is that the main antibodies include, anti -phospholipid antibodies, anti -armor gland antibodies, etc.!

2. Anticin antibody

The first is that anti -phospholipid antibodies are the most important antibodies that cause abortion and infertility.

The second is that when the anti -phospholipid antibody is positive and accompanied by clinical manifestations such as thrombosis, decreased platelets, and recurrence abortion, it is collectively referred to as anti -phospholipid syndrome.

Third, the antidote syndrome is a link between anti -phospholipid antibodies and pregnancy or vascular embolism, leading to recurrence abortion.

Fourth, autoimmune recurrence abortion is essentially an autoimmune disease. It can be an independent clinical manifestation. It can also be caused by other clinical manifestations such as anti -phospholipid antibodies and systemic lupus erythematosus such as dynamic venous thrombosis, platelets decreased, and decreased platelets.Leukocytes are reduced at the same time.

【Chinese Medicine View】

Traditional Chinese medicine "sliding tire" pathogenesis:

1. Rushing for injuries, the fetal element is not solid as a general pathogenesis.

2. Due to insufficient congenital endowment, poor housework, or frequent pregnancy, the kidney qi is insufficient, the kidney deficiency is closed, and the tire is lost.

3. The kidney deficiency of the cell palace is empty, and the humid heat and cold evil enters the vein of the blood combination and the blood combination.

4. Kidney deficiency is the cause, blood stasis is the result, cause and effect is related to the formation of kidney deficiency and blood stasis. Therefore, the basic pathological changes of repeated natural miscarriage are kidney deficiency and blood stasis.

[How to deal with it?.

1. isolation therapy:

For a period of time isolation, it will have good results. It can beolate after 3 to 6 months with condoms, but it is not suitable for each immune infertility patient.

2. Hormone drugs:

Infertility women with anti -sperm antibodies in cervical mucus can use some hormone drugs for treatment with vaginal vagina.

3. Artificial fertilization:

When sperm antibodies are available in cervical mucus to interfere with conception, their husband’s semen can be treated in vitro, and high -quality sperm gym has artificial insemination in the uterine cavity.

【Traditional Chinese Medicine Copper】

1. The ancient people Yun "before the tire was re -pregnancy, the root of the root is deep, Ye Mao". The treatment of recurrent abortion should pay attention to pre -pregnancy conditioning, combine western medicine discernic and traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, screen for the cause, and perform syndrome differentiation according to the patient’s illness.Shi Zhi, the rule of governance, "those who are falsely make up, the actual one is diarrhea."

2, the virtual one to make up for it

Before pregnancy, it is given kidney and nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen and blood, nourishing yin and clearing heat, and treats the lack of luteal function, poor ovarian function, polycystic ovary syndrome, and hyperculin ledmia.The representative is the Shouyuan Pills Hei Sijun Soup.


Before pregnancy, it can be promoted blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and dampness, and treating uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine adenomia, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease and other diseases.The representative Fang is Guizhi Poria Pills, and the Chinese medicines include Guizhi Poria Capsules, Danzhu Capsules, Daner Fukang Cream.


Moxibustion acupoints for habitual abortion are: Mingmen, Guan Yuan, Zhongji, Cornection Gate, Sub -House, Kunlun Point.

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