Can’t corn eat often?Reminder: Try not to eat 4 kinds of people, and there are taboos to eat corn!

Can’t corn eat often?Doctors remind: 4 kinds of people must not be eaten, and corn also has taboos!Hello everyone, I am a silly sister. The sweetness of corn is a common food in our daily life. Now this season is the season when fresh corn is listed in large quantities. It is still beneficial to eating corn every day. Corn is a healthy food in the world., It is rich in nutrition, contains dietary fiber, and vitamin E, vitamin B, etc., often eating some corn can play a beauty, whitening to delay aging, alleviate constipation, anti -cancer prevention, spleen and stomach, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc.Although corn has many benefits, there are also taboos. Doctors remind that there are four kinds of people who don’t recommend eating

1. Calcium lack of people

Because corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, long -term retention in the body will affect the body’s absorption of calcium elements. If it is eaten frequently for a long time, it will cause serious calcium deficiency in the human body.Eat more sea products and so on.

2. People with gastrointestinal diseases

The digestive function of such people is relatively weak, and corn is not easy to digest as coarse grains. If people with poor digestive systems often eat or eat a lot at one time, it will be difficult to digest the gastrointestinal disease.Patients should try to avoid excessive consumption for their health.

Third, diabetic patients

For patients with diabetes, the amount of corn should be controlled, because the starch content in corn is still very high. Starch is a relatively fine food and is easily digested and absorbed.Especially the porridge made of corn noodles should also reduce the amount of food as much as possible.

Fourth, physical labor

Because corn has a strong sense of satiety, it is usually used as a food for weight loss meals. The physical strength of the physical workers is relatively strong and consumes a lot of physical energy and calories.Sports workers eat a large amount of meals.

Although corn is a very beneficial food for most people, the above types of people must control the daily intake of corn. Do not think that it is delicious. Today, I will share with you a corn.Let’s take a look together!

【Songren corn】

The required ingredients are: canned corn, cucumber, carrot, pine kernel, edible salt, sugar.

Specific methods: 1. First prepare the ingredients, cut the clean carrots into small squares, and cut it into the plate for later use.Put the washed cucumber on the chopping board and cut the growth strips and remove the melons, and then cut into small squares in size of corn kernels.Then pour out the prepared corn grain to control the excess water, (you can also use fresh fruit corn), then take the right amount of pine kernels and put it in the plate for later, and finally adjust a little starch water.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot. After the water is boiled, put the cut carrots into diced in one or two minutes, then pour the corn kernels into it for about 30 seconds.Okay, then use a colander to remove the water to control the water and put it aside for later use.3. Boil oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, pour all the carrots, corn kernels, and cucumber in the pan and stir all over a little. Do not take too long, then add a little salt.The juice was sticky, and finally poured a little cooked oil to get out of the pan.

Songzi corn is a traditional Lu cuisine. It has a good effect of healthy brain nourishing the brain, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and improving immunity. It is a famous dish that adults and children love to eat. Friends who like it.Get up, the above is all the content shared by the editor today. Thank you for your reading, likes, and reposting.

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