Can’t give birth to a child to divorce!A 43 -year -old woman has a miscarriage twice, ovarian failure, and she has a healthy baby

How difficult is it to have a child?Most women will be dismissive of this issue: Except for the pain that hurts the day, what else can it be difficult?

But for Ms. Chen, 43, it is too difficult to have children. From a medical perspective, the probability of her children is infinitely close to zero.

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Two output, elderly women, uterine cavity adhesion caused by miscarriage, pre -cervical cancer lesions, ovarian function failure, incomplete cervical function caused by surgery, physical indicators reached menopause standards …

No matter which factor is, a expectant mother can be drifting away from pregnancy, and when they are all superimposed on Ms. Chen’s body, they will not help shaking their heads from senior experts.

On April 3rd, Ms. Chen went out of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine. She left the hospital with her, and her son of 5 pounds and 8 pounds.

Disadvanting factor

Ms. Chen, who has entered a menopause state

How do you conceive

Ms. Chen, born in 1976, was 35 years old when she was married. This is the age of an elderly mother. The first pregnancy in 2013, fetal stopping, can only be aborted artificially;, I have to abortion artificially.

In 2015, due to the "uterine cavity adhesion", Ms. Chen, 39, found Hu Yanjun, the main expert of the palace adhesion of the Zhejiang University Maternal Hospital. "She said she wanted a child, but at that time, the state was already very in the state.It’s bad. "Hu Yanjun, the director of the three subjects of reproductive endocrinology, said that the wall thickness of normal people’s uterine cavity is 9 to 15 mm, and it is difficult to get in bed with 7 mm embryos.Yes, the first problem.

Immediately after that, Hu Yanjun discovered that Ms. Chen’s ovarian function decreased sharply, and the follicle stimulus reached more than 80, and the normal people were about 10, and greater than 40 were already menopause.

At that time, Ms. Chen had not been menstruation for two months. If she did not come in April, and the indicators were so high, medical scope was already included in the menopause.

Medication, egg retrieval, medication, transplantation

Ms. Chen used this method

After three months of hormone replacement treatment, in November 2015, Hu Yanjun used a slight stimulus plan for Ms. Chen. The follicles developed well. They did not wait for the doctor to take eggs, but the follicles ovulated in advance.

This cycle declared failed.

After several cycles of adjustment, in April 2016, the natural cycle was improved, and the doctor obtained a good -quality egg from Ms. Chen.

For the first time, it was announced that it failed.

On the third day of menstruation, her follicle stimuli was increased by 56IU/L. Such high follicle stimuli can no longer use any ovulation drugs.

Follicles will also stop growing.

Hu Yanjun adopted the follicle resuscitation plan to apply Agadine progesterone to reduce the follicle stimulus. At the same time, the follicle growth was monitored. After 37 days of treatment, she finally grew the follicles and took the eggs in a timely manner.The moon frozen a good embryo; followed by the cycle, the follicle recovery solution was used again, and a high -quality embryo (8 cell I) was frozen after a long one month, that is, the last embryo finally changed.Hold her baby home.

The first two transplants were not successful. Ms. Chen came to Hu Yanjun’s clinic with a frustration. "My husband is going to divorce me." After all, after so many years of hard work, he could not change a baby.tired.

"You still have a high -quality embryo, don’t give up." Hu Yanjun knew that it was not easy to do test tubes. If this time it was no longer insisted, Ms. Chen could not be a mother in her life.

Fortunately, the last embryo was in bed successfully, and the child grew up a little bit in her belly. Finally, on March 27, the cesarean section produced a healthy baby when she was more than 38 weeks pregnant.

The most important reason why Ms. Chen succeeded in becoming pregnant is the last time I was working on the edge of menopause. "As long as the menstrual disorders occur after adulthood, you must find a doctor early."Young women reminded that if the time is dragged for too long and the hormone level causes ovarian function to be completely lost, it is impossible to get pregnant again.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

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