Can’t ignore the oral examination when preparing for pregnancy, the doctor suggested that I pull out the broken wisdom teeth

To say toothache, it really hurts. Otherwise, there is any old saying, "Toothache is not a disease, it is a life!

In fact, my tooth mouth has always been very good, but the wisdom teeth on the right the year before the year were broken, which made me experience the taste of a toothache!It is not an exaggeration to describe it at all!

At first I didn’t care about this bad wisdom tooth, and let it develop. After all, wisdom teeth are originally superfluous.But who would like to think, one day it actually made a prestige!I ca n’t be caught off guard, who knows who hurts!

My mother looked at me with pain, and gave me all kinds of ways, what bite peppercorns, massaged the temple with my hands, and my mouth was alum, anyway, all the methods, but I was really sick.Regardless of whether it is said, as long as someone tried it, I tried it, and the result was even more serious. Even the entire face on the right was swollen. I thought of getting tooth extraction, so my husband took me to the dental hospital. The doctor said that he could only eliminate inflammation first, otherwiseextract a tooth!

Obviously go home to take anti -inflammatory drugs, salt Shukou … After three days, it finally relieved, and it was completely better after a week!I am a person who has forgotten the pain. If this is good, I threw the tooth extraction to the clouds. The days passed day by day. The bad wisdom teeth fell from time to time.At this time I was pregnant, I have been immersed in happiness, and forgot that the broken teeth.

As a result, it was faintly uncomfortable shortly after pregnancy. I think it ’s broken. If you have toothache during pregnancy, you really regret it, but now there is no way, so I insisted on the salt water after meals., I did a miscarriage.

Last year, I started the road to preparing for pregnancy. This time, I not only checked my body, but also went to the dental hospital for dental examination.

The doctor said that there is no major problem except the wisdom teeth, it is recommended to remove the bad wisdom teeth.

This time I made up my mind to pull out!Resolutely want to pull out!In this way, I made an appointment to pull the wisdom tooth!In fact, I am very scared, but in order to have problems with teeth during pregnancy, bad teeth must be unplugged. I asked the doctor if she wanted to make a film?The doctor said that it can be pulled up without shooting. Because I have a wisdom tooth on the left and right, the pain is not as long as short pain, and it is simply pulled up!In this way, my two wisdom teeth are gloriously laid off!

In fact, many people are worried about tooth extraction, afraid of pain, I am also afraid, but after experiencing, I feel that I do n’t think it hurts. The needle of the anesthetic medicine is particularly thin. When you feel that the medicine is used, I don’t feel it.The doctor’s tooth extraction is very neat. I pull two wisdom teeth and get it in five minutes!After pulling the dentist, you will let you wait for half an hour to observe. If there is no problem, you can go home.

It is best to apply the ice pack when I just finished my teeth. Because I was extracted in the summer, I bought two popsicles, one on the left and right.It hurts, I spent a few days to eat liquid food, it’s completely fine!I don’t have to worry about my teeth anymore. Now I am pregnant again, my body is great!

So the last summary is that the tooth problem can be large or small. We prevent in advance, and we are not afraid of toothache during pregnancy!

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