Can’t you raise dogs when you are pregnant?Indian mothers use their action to prove that pregnancy cannot be raised by the owner is the master’s problem

Although many media friends have been working hard and science popularization, they are not completely impossible to raise dogs during pregnancy, but many people’s pregnant couples will still decide to abandon or send their dogs.Although there are no persuasion, especially their parents, especially their parents, many of them are because the dog owner is troublesome and does not want to make a lot of preparations for raising dogs during pregnancy.If you lose your dog, it will save more.However, in the conservative country in India, there is also a couple that to prove that the dog is innocent, and tell the world with action that pregnancy can be raised.

Sanjana MadAppa and Aditha Raheja are a couple of Bandolore, India. Their post -marriage life is very happy and happy.They are volunteers of an animal protection agency in India. They met, love each other at volunteers, and then get married.As the witness of their love, they also raised several dogs in their house.

However, last year, their peaceful and happy life encountered some small obstacles, Sanjana was pregnant.Although this is a good news, it is followed by friends, relatives, and even doctors to persuade them to send the dogs away.They all believe that they should put their children first, for future generations they should be wronged for a while.But Sanjana Madappa, who loves dogs, did not do this and adsa raheja, and decided to respond to all this in another way.

They took a set of family portraits with their dogs and responded to the advice of the surrounding people.Dogs are also their children. In this family, they have their position.Raheja said he would care more about these dogs than usual, giving them regular insect repellent, injection vaccine, and usually pay more attention to hygiene and take a bath for them.In addition, they also hired dog training artists to train them so that they can learn to treat the pregnant hostess gently, and consciously bear all the rough and dirty lives, so that their wives can keep their fetus with peace of mind.

Raheja said that greeting a new life is a very happy and happy thing, but because of this incident, it is not too much to drive another member of the family out.They have to prove that as long as the owner can pay more energy and love and manage the dog well, in fact, you are not pregnant and will not affect our dogs.

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