careful!Pregnant mothers should stay away from tobacco and alcohol and do not eat these types of foods, otherwise the consequences will be serious

The "minefields" that need to pay attention to during pregnancy. The following types of foods are not suitable for people to eat. It is very dangerous for pregnant mothers.

1. Alcohol

For food and drinks containing alcohol, pregnant women should be eliminated.Pregnant women should belong to people who do not stick to wine.

Pregnant women’s alcoholism will seriously damage fetal health. Some research reports that the number of alcoholism during pregnancy can increase the mortality of newborns.Drinking during pregnancy can affect the fetal brain development to varying degrees, which indirectly affects the growth and development of newborns, IQ, and sensory and expression ability.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not drink alcohol during pregnancy, even if they are low -level wine drinks and sweet wine.

Some people may ask, can the dishes and cooking dishes with cooking wine can be eaten?Generally speaking, alcohol will wave a lot during heating, and the residual point will not affect the body.However, if you buy unreliable products, there will be a harmful substance for the body such as methanol and acetaldehyde, so it is not recommended to eat such foods during pregnancy.

Two, raw food

1. Do not eat fresh food such as sashimi during pregnancy.

Foods such as sashimi and drunk shrimp are likely to contain bacteria and parasites that are harmful to the body. Women during pregnancy are more likely to be damaged by these harmful substances than ordinary people. Pregnant mothers should fast such foods.Not only that, when pregnant mothers eat seafood and seafood foods, they must be familiar with it, and they must be completely familiar!Pregnant women eat Fushou snails and similar incidents such as infection and abortion. There have been many reports.Such food shells are thicker and are not easy to be familiar. Parasites will not be completely killed, resulting in frequent tragedy.

During pregnancy, you must be alert to these foods. Even when making, you must pay attention to cleaning and making separately from other foods. Use separate pots, bowls, cutting boards, and knives.Cross -infection of food.

2. Unkind meat, eggs, and vegetables are not suitable for pregnant women.

Whether it is grilled lamb skewers, roasted chicken wings or steak, as long as it is meat, you must eat all cooked and cooked.Because you don’t know which piece of meat may have parasites, and barbecue is easy to grill.Because barbecue foods are easy to contain carcinogens such as benzene and other multi -rings.Because the meat of barbecue, frying, frying, and smoked, the taste is heavy, and it is not easy to find even if the food is not fresh.

Eggs are the easiest to remain in Salmonella.Salmonella can easily lead to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and even fever, spasm, dehydration, shock, and death.Pregnant mothers were originally less immunity, so they should be far away for raw eggs.Egg yolk sauce, salad sauce, cream and other foods containing egg ingredients should not be eaten as much as possible.

Except for cucumber and tomatoes that are easier to clean, other vegetables are not suitable for pregnant women.Vegetables are also infected with microorganisms, parasites and pathogenic bacteria. There are also pesticide residues. Vegetables are not easy to clean. Therefore, pregnant women cannot eat raw.

Third, tobacco

Pregnant mothers should not only avoid smoking, but also stay away from second -hand smoke and third -hand smoke.Studies have found that smoking during pregnancy can easily lead to premature birth, birth defects (lip or cleft palate) and baby death.Therefore, it is recommended that women with smoking habits quit smoking before pregnancy, and they cannot smoke during pregnancy.If someone smokes at home, try to quit his smoking as much as possible, at least you cannot smoke around the pregnant woman to avoid the harmful objects in the smoke from the home or on clothes to produce three -hand smoke.

Fourth, foods containing heavy metals

There are 4 types of sea fish with high mercury content that are stated by the US Food and Drug Administration.In addition, the mercury content of some tuna is relatively high.

In addition, some foods (puffed foods) such as pine eggs, popcorn, and fried fritters are also best to eat less or simply not to eat.Lead exposure can lead to slow fetal growth and development, causing fetal malformations, premature birth and low birth weight.

Five, deep processing, high energy, low -nutrition food

Sausage, canned food, and other processed meat products, desserts, drinks and fried snacks. Pregnant mothers should not eat more.These foods are typical high -energy, low -nutrition foods, and in order to save and blend flavors for a long time, a large amount of food additives, salt and sugar will be added.Eating too much about this kind of food will affect the appetite and intake of the meal, and at the same time, it will also cause excessive energy accumulation, causing obesity, gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension and other diseases.In the second trimester, the sugar metabolic ability of pregnant mothers will be reduced, and sweets and sweets must be controlled, controlled, and re -controlled.

Six, wild food

Do not eat wild mushrooms and wild vegetables, because we cannot distinguish whether it is toxic; do not eat spesslings such as hare and pheasant, because in the wild animal that survive in the wild, there may be heavy metal accumulation. It is also likely to bring some diseases and parasites and parasites.Essence

In general, pregnant mothers must do five do not eat: First, do not eat raw food; second, do not eat unsanitary foods, such as unhealthy foods and unqualified foods; 3. Third, do not contact harmful substances containing harmful substancesFoods such as heavy metals, carcinogens, unknown toxins, and pathogenic bacteria; 4. Eat less or not eat high -energy and low -nutrition foods;

Popular science class: Can you drink coffee during pregnancy?

Now more and more nutritional experts advocate that ordinary people drink coffee in moderation every day, which is good for health.But for pregnant women, we should maintain a more cautious attitude.

Coffee contains caffeine, which can excite the central nervous system, which is what we often say.Caffeine can enter the blood circulation of the fetus through the placenta barrier. Due to the incomplete fetal development, caffeine is slow in the fetal blood, the retention time is longer, and the impact will be greater.According to data, when the mother consumes more than 200 mg of caffeine daily, it will increase the probability of miscarriage, and it is also prone to lack of premature or newborn.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers try not to drink coffee.If there are women who are used to coffee habits before pregnancy, they cannot quit after pregnancy, then drink coffee per day for more than 1 cup (150 ml), strictly controlling the intake.

Author: President of the Capital Health Nutrition Food Society, editor -in -chief of Wang Xufeng

Source: "How do Chinese people eat?》 Science and Technology Literature Publishing House

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