Case: 37 -year -old female graduate student 2 months pregnant, but 42 -year -old boyfriend proposed to break up: I can’t harm her

The philosopher Socrates once proposed a "love wheat ears theory", which refers to:

Love is like picking wheat ears in the wheat field. You can never find the largest and best wheat ears, and you can never find 100 % perfect love.

The revelation that "Love Mai Sui theory" brings us is: when looking for a love partner, do not try to find a seemingly perfect lover, but should choose to hold hands with those who are suitable for you.

But in real life, some people do not understand this truth. Even if they have a marriage contract, they cannot be safe in marriage life. They always feel that their partners are not their ideal lovers, so theyI want to go to marriage to seek so -called true love.

The characteristic of men is passionate and long, but passionate is not a good thing. It will not only make themselves unable to extricate themselves in the messyness of emotions, but also make themselves notorious.

The 42 -year -old Su Quan (pseudonym) has a solid family. He has two failed marriages and a failed emotional experience. Two ex -wife and a ex -girlfriend have given birth to 4 children., Even more to understand love cautious, but at this time, he was caught in a vortex of emotional vortex.

Three months ago, Su Quan and 37 -year -old Lin Ke (a pseudonym) got married through the Internet. Talking about the speculative two people quickly fell into Aihe. In the information information, Su Quan learned that Lin Ke not only looks beautiful, but also looks beautiful.There has never been a marriage experience, and there is a graduate degree, which makes Su Quan very admired. The two talked from online to offline, and soon lived together, becoming a couple in love.

Soon after, Lin Ke became pregnant, and the accident of the child’s accident made Lin Ke, 37, was very happy. She not only called her parents to take care of herself, but also began to look forward to a happy marriage life.The bride, but at this time, Su Quan made a decision to break up with Lin Ke.

Su Quan was caught in the entanglement of feelings. On the one hand, his girlfriend had been pregnant for two months and was ready to marry. At this time, he broke up with his girlfriend.If you do n’t love Lin Ke, if you rashly marry Lin Ke, you may cause greater harm to Lin Ke in the future.

"I can’t harm her" After some tangles and thinking, Su Quan still decided to break up with Lin Ke, but in front of Lin Ke’s face, he was embarrassed to say "two words", so he found the mediation.The staff, hoping that the mediators can convey what he wants to break up to Lin Ke. If Lin Ke agrees, he is willing to compensate Lin Ke 50,000 yuan.

When Su Quan came to Lin Ke’s home with the mediator, Lin was reluctant to rest on the sofa. After the mediators expressed their intentions, Lin Ke said with a grievance that Su Quan wanted to tell me the original committee of the matter.He is a child, he is still treating me like this.

Su Quan was like a child who did something wrong, covering his face, and said sorry, but in the eyes of Lin Ke’s parents, Su Quan’s approach was undoubtedly insulting his daughter.

It turned out that Lin was a person with a high vision of mate. This made her 37 years old that she never found the ideal marriage object. Her marriage has always been a stone that has been pressed on her parents. When Lin Ke and Su Quan fell in love,, Parents learned that Su Quanqing had a rich history and had disagreed with her daughter’s relationship with them, but they could not persist in their daughters. They saw that Su Quan’s family was strong and good to her daughter.It was learned that Lin Ke was about to get married. At this time, Su Quan suddenly proposed to break up, which was unacceptable.

Lin Ke’s parents blame Su Quan. You are going to break up now. What is the face of our family?What should I do?

So why did Su Quan suddenly break up to Lin?

For this question, Su Quan’s answer is only: Lin Ke is very good, but I do n’t love her in my heart. I am with her and will hurt her.

Hearing this, Lin Ke said the truth. She bluntly stated that Su Quan’s favorite person is his ex -wife Zhang Xi (a pseudonym). He has always wanted to remarry with his ex -wife.

In the relationship, girls are naturally sensitive. In the past few days, Lin Ke always found that Su Quan called his previous ex -wife. She had felt uneasy in her heart. After hearing Su Quan’s words, she would naturally think ofat this point.

Lin Ke also said that when Su Quan met her, he had not dismissed his marriage with Zhang Xi. After the two were together, Su Quancai chose to separate from Zhang Xi. Lin Ke suspected that he just wanted to arouse Zhang Xi to arouse Zhang Xi.Jealous tools, Su Quan has never really loved himself, he now only wants to remarry Zhang Xi.

Lin Ke also found Su Quan’s wedding photos from her home. She bluntly said that Su Quan has always been reluctant to throw away this photo, and when Su Quan divorced Zhang Xi, he also gave Zhang Xi a lot of money.Money is enough to explain everything.

In this regard, Su Quan denied that although he admitted that his favorite person was Zhang Xi, he said that Zhang Xi would not be willing to remarry with me.

What is going on?In order to explore the truth of the matter, the mediation officer called Zhang Xi, and wanted to hear her statement.

35 -year -old Zhang Xi, young and beautiful, tall and tall. After receiving the phone, she would never remarry with Su Quan even if Su Quan may have a mental problem.

It turned out that after Su Quan and Zhang Xi married, Zhang Xi gave birth to a daughter for Su Quan. Su Quan’s family is rich and does not need Zhang Xi to go out to work. Zhang Xi stays at home and is very boring.Even so, Su Quan blame her to have outside, disregard the family, and even move her.

Zhang Xi’s encounter is exactly the same as Lin Keru. Zhang Xi said that Su Quan was in front of her, and often said that the last wife was good, and his last wife was his favorite life, and now he is his favoriteThis makes Zhang Xi feel that there is a problem with Su Quan’s spirit.

Su Quan also proposed to Zhang Xi with her daughter and young, but Zhang Xi refuted that your last wife had two children for you, and they were not 18 years old. Why don’t you go to her?Mo remarry?

After hearing Zhang Xi’s narrative, Lin Ke learned that Zhang Xi was determined not to remarry Su Quan, but she was a contradiction and complex emotion. After she heard Zhang Xi’s words, she feltSu Quan must not be nostalgic, but at the age of 37, she may never have a chance to be a mother if she does not want this child.

After thinking about it, Lin Ke decided to raise the child alone, but Su Quan wanted to buy her a house and bear the child’s support fee.

But for this proposal, Su Quan was unwilling to agree. He bluntly stated that he and the four children born in the previous parties have grown in a single -parent family.middle.

Su Quan suddenly proposed to compound Lin Ke and hold a wedding in accordance with normal procedures. He promised that in the future, he will not have any exchanges with those predecessors.

In this regard, Lin Ke’s parents do not believe it. They do not believe that Su Quan can be good at Lin Ke wholeheartedly, but at this time Lin Ke has been riding a tiger.Continue to associate with Su Quan, but the premise is that Su Quan wants to buy a house of 1 million yuan for her and her son to ensure their future.

Su Quan agreed that the two sides signed an agreement in front of the mediation staff, and Su Quan also promised that there would not be any exchanges with his predecessor in the future.

I thought that Su Quan and Lin Ke would live happily in the future, but a few days later, Su Quan and Lin Ke decided to break up again. Lin Ke decided not to children in the belly, and Su Quan compensated Lin Ke to a stroke.Loss.

At this point, the story of Su Quan and Lin Ke temporarily announced the end.

Regarding love, female writer Zhang Ailing once said such a paragraph:

Maybe each man has such two women, at least two.One married a red rose. Over time, the red became a touch of mosquito blood on the wall. The white one was still the moonlight in front of the bed. The other married a white rose.The red one is a cinnabar mole on the heart.

This passage tells us: Most men have the characteristics of passionate and passionate. Even if they already have new feelings, they are likely to never forget old love.

In the story of Su Quan and Lin Ke, Su Quan’s mistake is that he does not understand what he wants, and what it looks like, so he kept looking for a new relationship, and while hurting others, he also put his emotional life while hurting others.It’s a mess.

Although Lin Ke looks beautiful and has a high academic qualifications, it may be that she has too high requirements for her marriage partner when she was young, which caused her to come together with Su Quan until the age of 37.In the case of Su Quan, he lives together with him. He should not be pregnant without receiving a marriage certificate before Su Quan, which makes her passive in this love relationship.

When boys operate love, they not only need to be attentive, but also need special affection to cherish the people in front of them; and girls need to know how to protect themselves. Only girls who know how to love can be cherished by others.

The preciousness of love experience is that it can make people grow, and hopes that Su Quan and Lin Ke will find Ruyi’s partner in the future.

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