Chen Huilin appeared after the accident!Skin on the forehead: At that time, the blood came out, the sequelae of the son trauma

Since the accident, Chen Huilin, who hasn’t appeared for a long time, appeared for the first time to participate in a certain event. She was dignified in a white suit. On the whole, Chen Huilin recovered well after the car accident.But the recent photos can still see two scars on her forehead, because she almost hurt her eyes, Chen Huilin was afraid of it.

At that time, the white car heads of Chen Huilin’s mother and child were destroyed at the scene of the car accident. It was imagined how strong was the strength at that time.Chen Huilin just started to respond that it was just a skin trauma, but in fact, her injury was on her face, and her face was almost disfigured.For more than three months in the past, Chen Huilin’s scars are still obvious.

In the interview, Chen Huilin recalled that at the moment when she hit the car, she was completely stunned and didn’t feel any pain, but when she looked up, she saw the wound directly out of the wound.Fortunately, Chen Huilin’s 13 -year -old son was calm and did not cry when he saw his mother’s injury.After arriving at the hospital, the doctor always said that Chen Huilin’s wound was very deep, and a lot of blood flowed, scaring Chen Huilin at the time that she wanted to sew a lot of needles.

In addition, Chen Huilin’s eyes were very swollen at the time. She couldn’t open her eyes for a time. The whole family was worried that she was looking for a cosmetic doctor to recover in the later period.Fortunately, Chen Huilin carefully maintained, and now recovers pretty good.However, Chen Huilin’s 13 -year -old son left the trauma sequelae, and was worried about encountering a car accident when he was in a car.

And in order to restore physical and mental health as soon as possible, Chen Huilin almost asked his son to ask a psychologist, but perhaps because the boy was strong, Chen Huilin’s son’s mentality is already much better.

However, Chen Huilin was not so easy to raise the injury. After more than a month of accident, Chen Huilin could only take the injury to the battlefield because he could not push it off.However, because of the injuries on the face, the effect picture was not satisfactory, Chen Huilin also deliberately posted a post to explain the situation. It was really dedicated and responsible.

In fact, with Chen Huilin’s origin and her husband’s status, she doesn’t have to work hard at all.Chen Huilin’s father, Chen Chongwei, is the largest jewelry dealer in Hong Kong, and more than two -thirds of jewelry business is from the Chen family.Chen Huilin has been a little princess of Qianjiao’s pet since she was born. She entered the entertainment industry to play, but she did not expect that she was good at home, and her face value and strength were also very strong. I accidentally fired all over the north and south of the river.

It is reported that Chen Huilin’s uncle’s big brother and actor Chen Huimin was a character who could fight with Xiang Huaqiang. When Carina Lau was abducted, he settled.Therefore, Chen Huilin was a rare star who did not be forced to do work in the port circle at that time.

Chen Huilin, who was born in good origin, was also very good. Her husband Liu Jianhao had a listed company. She was a ribbon -based flower business. The asset conservative estimated tens of billions.At that time, in order to marry Chen Huilin, Liu Jianhao shot was a 8 -digit gift. The ring was millions of pigeon eggs. Even the bouquets were all diamonds. The wedding dress was designed by the fashionable godfather and Buddha.In addition to hundreds of millions of dowry, his father Chen Chongwei also sent Chen Huilin a jewelry bathtub.

After the marriage, Chen Huilin gave birth to two sons and completely settled the seat of his wife.It is reported that Chen Huilin’s younger son was born artificially, and she was more shy than her brother.

This time with Chen Huilin, their eldest son Liu Sheng. Chen Huilin often picks up his eldest son to school in person. The car that Liu Sheng has paid for Liu Sheng is a million business cars. It can be seen that Chen Huilin and their children are very valued.

But Chen Huilin is the kind of person who is better than you and you work harder than you. After marriage, she still insists on opening a concert and attending the event. Each appearance and figure are very good.people.This is also a kind of alert and incentive for fans, reminding everyone to always maintain a humble and learning attitude, and constantly strive to improve themselves and pursue higher goals.At the same time, this is also a kind of encouragement and inspiration, inspiring everyone to learn from those who are better and harder, constantly progress and innovation.

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