Chen Qiaoen was encountered by Thailand, drinking and breaking pregnancy rumors, and her husband accompanied the vacation for many months.

On March 12, Chen Qiaoen and Alan went to Thailand for vacation. When they went shopping in the mall, Chen Qiaoen took a selfie on the mirror and teased her husband who was sitting on the sofa and was exhausted to the whole body, but the key was that he had not finished buying it.

Chen Qiaoen was wearing a dress, and his lower abdomen was high. Many netizens speculated whether she had good news.As soon as the female star gets married, she is easily stared at by netizens, not to mention that Chen Qiaoen is 43 years old, and netizens may be more anxious than her.

However, on March 14, Chen Qiaoen updated her dynamics again. In the photo, she and Alan were drinking champagne. It seemed to indirectly denies that she was pregnant. It may really be a problem with the style of clothes, which caused the abdomen to bulge.

The Alan in the photo was wearing a black shirt and handsome.Many viewers have felt that Alan’s appearance is not good, and now the more they look at the eye, and they are more and more husband and wife with Chen Qiaoen.

Chen Qiaoen snuggled on her husband’s shoulder.

Chen Qiaoen and Alan were not drinking, because she also showed the restaurant waiter and holding the wine bottle to pour wine. It can be seen that she really didn’t have any pregnant, and she was not even prepared.

In the early morning of March 15th, some netizens took the latest encounters. Chen Qiaoen was dining at the macho restaurant in Thailand, and her table was also on her table.

Alan brought Chen Qiaoen to a high -end restaurant for dining, and still wrote on the dinner plate: Happy Holiday!Alan and Joe!

Chen Qiaoen smiled sweetly, and seemed to be satisfied with her husband’s surprise.As long as two people love each other enough, they can live on Valentine’s Day every day!

On another dessert cake, Alan also asked the chef to write his love for Chen Qiaoen on the dinner plate: Alan Loves Joe.

Netizens asked Chen Qiaoen: I watched whether Jon either eat every day or on the way to eat!

Chen Qiaoen responded: I forgot to eat when I work hard.

Speaking of which, Chen Qiaoen was a bit long this holiday.

She went to Malaysia to meet her father -in -law with Alan before the Spring Festival. Later, she has been on vacation abroad. She has just arrived in Thailand recently. It has been at least two months before and after.It’s very comfortable.

It was only 12 months a year, and the two had been drawn for 2 months, and this life would continue, which is really enviable!

So some netizens wondered: Does Chen Qiaoen’s husband do not need to work?Every day, you can see the dynamics of the two people everywhere.

Later, fans rushed to explain, saying that Chen Qiaoen revealed in "Wife’s Romantic Travel" that Alan usually had a video meeting, remote office, and modern society was not just a way to work. BesidesIt is very mature, and the man’s family has money and momentum at first, not to mention that he is still a painter, a freelance, so there is naturally more free time.

Indeed, the two just recorded "Wife’s Romantic Travel" in the second half of last year. There are millions of money to make less money. Now take a break and work hard. It should not be divided.

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