Children don’t like to take medicine for a cold, these good ways can help you!

When the child is young, the physical fitness is not high, and the outside world changes will affect the health status. Colds are commonplace. However, if you eat medicine every time you have a cold, the body’s immunity is difficult to improve.

If you do n’t take medicine, you want to help relieve cold symptoms. In fact, you can try these methods occasionally:

1. Radish lean porridge

At the beginning of the cold cold and cold, there will be symptoms of discomfort such as tight pain and fear of coldness. In addition to drinking more hot water, you can also give your children a lean porridge.

White radish has a good qi effect. In addition to promoting digestion that is always familiar with the public, it can also be logical, and it is very helpful for the cough symptoms of cough on the back of the cold in the early stage of a cold.In addition, rice and lean meat can not only protect the spleen and stomach, but also rich in protein. When children are uncomfortable, they will decrease appetite. Use some radish lean porridge to help recover the disease and be rich in nutrition.

2. Apple honey water

Many children are most taboo for taking medicine. Every time parents take medicine, they need to rack their brains and try their best.The main reason why children do not take medicine are "unpalatable", so you can prepare some "medicine" with good taste to let the child take it.

Apple honey water, the production method is very simple, that is, cutting the apple into small pieces and boiling water, and when it is cold to about 60 degrees, put it in the honey and mix it.The taste is sour and sweet, and many children like it.It is very helpful for the symptoms of cough and runny nose caused by a cold.

3. Ginger sugar drink

Ginger slices and white boiled water can be added with brown sugar after boiling. The taste is sweet and schizophrenic. It is helpful for the symptoms such as pain, cold, cough and other symptoms caused by a cold.Ginger and green onion have a spicy taste after a long cooking. Children may not like it, which can reduce the cooking time.

For parents, how to make children take medicine after a cold is a very headache. It is better to change the idea and use food therapy instead of "treatment". Have you learned these "gourmet foods" for treatment.Intersection

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