Children motion sickness?These tricks are effective immediately

After entering the summer vacation, many parents will choose to take their children out to travel, so that their children can see the outside world more, but one of them seriously plagues the parents who travel, that is, motion sickness.As soon as the child is dizzy, let alone play with the spirit!

Motion sickness is a relatively common phenomenon, not only children, but also adults.So why are we motion sickness?Today we will talk about "halo".

The motion sickness name "mobility" is a kind of unpleasant feeling caused by the shake of the transportation. According to the different motion tools, it is divided into motion sickness, seasickness, and motion sickness.

Motion sickness may happen at any age, and motion sickness at 2 to 12 years old is even more common. This is because before the age of 2, the baby is mostly placed in the car, and it uses a flat position.Therefore, it is rare to cause fainting, but newborns can still motion sick.

Most parents may not be aware of the little baby’s motion sickness, and often mistakenly think that this is a cold, gastrointestinal discomfort.For babies, motion sickness is not only uncomfortable, but also indicates that the function of the nervous system needs to be improved urgently. Otherwise, it will affect the development of vision, hearing, and inner ear vermiculum, which will become an obstacle to life and learning.

Signs of baby motion sickness

1. After the baby gets in the car, it becomes not active, her face is pale, and she will enter a sleeping state after a while.

2. After driving, irritability, scratching hands and feet, fell asleep after struggling.

3. The body is in the arms of adults or safety seats, it seems uncomfortable.

4. After the car started, he began to sweat cold, refused to feed, and vomited.

The reason for motion sickness

1: Visual cause

When the baby sees things outside the car, because the static things outside the car and a relative movement occur, the faster the relative exercise, the more chances of the baby’s motion sickness, and the symptoms of this motion sickness are mild.

2: Caused by the vestibular balance system

This is the main reason for most babies motion sickness.Because the baby’s vestibular function is in the development stage, it is not perfect. If the vehicle during driving is bumpy, it may cause the baby’s vestibular organs to increase the excitement and cause the baby’s motion sickness.Once it is a motion sickness caused by this reason, it is generally more serious and more common than adults.But as the baby grows up, its vestibular function gradually improves, and the symptoms of motion sickness will gradually be reduced to disappear.

The development of the front court started from the fetus. When the child is still not born in the mother’s belly, through the mother’s physical activity, it will drive the shaking and shock of amniotic fluid. At this timeDo interaction.

After birth, it gradually develops to help stabilize visual focusing, distinguish the body position, and adjust the body’s posture to coordinate the gravity of the body’s center of gravity.

If the child’s mother lacks moderate activities during pregnancy, or the child’s premature birth, caesarean section, the lack of vestibular stimuli in the infant period, no experience in sleeping or being embraced, the childcare period is insufficient, parents are too protected, so that the child will not allow the child to climb freely freely., Jumping, running, etc., there are few outdoor sports, resulting in lack of sufficient vestibular stimulation, and the vestibular function will be easily affected.

In addition to the above reasons, the following reasons will also cause the baby’s motion sickness: 1. The car has a strong smell; 2. The safety seat or the posture is incorrect;4, the baby’s internal factors can lead to motion sickness.For example, lack of sleep, poor gastrointestinal, headache and cold, etc., can easily cause motion sickness.

It is best not to use motion sickness medicine for baby motion sickness

I want to remind parents here: When a child is motion sick, it is best not to give him motion sickness medicine.This is because motion sickness medicines are mostly anti -group amine, which has a suppression effect on vestibular and brain nerves.The organizations and functions of children’s organizations and organs have not yet developed. Often taking such drugs may have a negative impact on the delicate nervous system development.

There are also some parents who like to use motion sickness to give their babies, but pay attention to reduction when using.Generally, children can use a half sticker at a time, and it is not suitable to be affixed to the damaged part of the skin, and it should not be used at the same time as other motion sickness drugs.

So how to solve the problem of children’s motion sickness?

1. Before riding a car, don’t let your baby eat too full, too greasy, and don’t let your baby take a car when you are hungry. You can give your child some foods that can provide glucose;Plums and the like.But pay attention, it is best to have no plum nucleus.So as not to get stuck in the throat; take a car to take a car should try to choose a small position in front to reduce the sense of shocks and open the window to allow the air to circulate.

In addition, parents should not spray perfumes in the car or smoke in the car to avoid the poor stimulation of perfume or smoke.

2. Regardless of whether the baby is sitting on a children’s car seat or not, try to stabilize the baby’s head with towels or other items, and don’t let his head swing back and forth.

3. Choose the baby after falling asleep.When the baby is asleep, it is not easy to occur in motion sickness, because his eyes are closed and no information will be received.If the baby takes the car before falling asleep, he may be uncomfortable as soon as he drives, and it is even more impossible to fall asleep.If possible, you should try to let your baby fall asleep before departure, and then take the sleeping baby to take a car.If you have conditions, you can also try to take a nap or go to bed at night.In fact, some children will sleep as soon as they take a car.

4. Move your baby’s attention.For motion sickness babies, parents can find ways to divert his attention, such as guiding children to see the landscape far from the window in front of the window. You can also play with your baby’s favorite toys to play with the baby in the car, or play the baby’s favorite music in the car, orTell your children the story of moving.But be sure not to let children play mobile phones or read books in the car, which is more likely to motion sickness.

5. To fundamentally solve the problem of motion sickness of children, the best way is to improve their vestibular balance.Perform stimulus training in vestibular balance in the family.


Parents can rotate slowly with their babies in place. For babies, they usually last for 6 or 7 seconds.It must be noted that the rotation speed and time must be based on the range that the baby can withstand. If the baby is not adapted, please slow down the rotation speed or reduce the rotation time.


Parents can spread soft children’s crawling pads on the floor of the house, and then play rolling games with the baby.


Moms and dads can sit on their legs and play on their legs. With the high and low shaking back and forth, the baby’s balance ability will be significantly enhanced.

Rotating Trojan

Take the baby to the children’s park to sit and rotate the Trojan horse. Slowly rotating and ups and downs can also effectively train your baby’s vestibular balance ability.

There are also games such as sitting rotating chairs, sitting cradle, jumping bed, rolling and crawling on the sand and lawn.Through these movements, the child’s motion sickness can be effectively relieved.

pay attention:

Under normal circumstances, the symptoms of the baby’s motion sickness are not particularly serious, and it will be relieved if you only need to get off the bus.However, if the child vomit, chest tightness, chest pain, blurred vision, and even incontinence of urination due to motion sickness, you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

The motion sickness looks like a trivial matter, but the discomfort and pain of children when they are motion sickness are really distressed by their parents. Therefore, for the child’s physical and mental health, please do not ignore the details of life that you should pay attention to.

Regarding the training of vestibus, it is not only related to whether the child’s motion sickness, but also the child’s physical balance. Whether the child can sit in class, be loved, and concentrate.They have a significant relationship with the front court.As a parent, you must pay enough attention!

— End —

Sensory training is a required course for each child

Let your child be a foundation for all learning

Win on the starting line of life

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