Chongqing men’s belly becomes larger. After going to the hospital, the doctor: is a "baby girl" with hands and feet

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In a hospital in Chongqing, a "male pregnant woman" came from, and saw that his belly was as big as in August, and he entered the B -ultrasound room with the help of the woman next to him.

After the inspection, I found that the man’s belly had a "baby girl". The doctor present couldn’t help exclaiming: Can men still get pregnant?

Is there really a "baby" in the man’s belly?Do you still have any hidden feelings behind this?

Pu Deqiang

There is a place called Jielong Village in Chongqing. Although the village is remote, it is far from the hustle and bustle of those cities.

Although the villagers in Jielong Village are not wealthy, they live in the environment where there are mountains and rivers and mountains every day.

Because the village is ten kilometers away from the urban area, the villagers generally do not go out very much. They work in the daytime and chat and play in groups of three or five in the evening.

Pu Deqiang

It was in such an ordinary village that a strange thing that surprised the villagers happened, and a man named Pu Deqiang was pregnant.

It is said that good things do n’t go out, and bad things spread thousands of miles. In this small village, this explosive news exploded the village for a while.

what on earth is it?As a man, there is no uterine ovarian in his body. How did he get pregnant?

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When he was a child, Pu Deqiang, like ordinary children, had a heart of playing.At that time, he climbed up the tree with the children in the village in a while.

He always goes home every day, but when his parents work in the ground, he will also take the initiative to work and do what he can do.

Although Pu Deqiang had a cheerful personality when he was a child, a few years later, a serious illness made him a great change.

When Pu Diqiang was 10 years old, he had a major illness due to a fever. Because the medical level in the village at that time was limited, he only prescribed some antipyretic and anti -inflammatory drugs.

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Later, the disease was good, but the personality was very different from the past. Not only did they have introverted personality, but even the ability to respond was much slow.

Because of his physical reasons, Pu Deqiang, who was married, became the target of his parents. Fortunately, his appearance was still too much in the village.

Through the matchmaker, Pu Deqiang knew his wife. At that time, everyone advised the woman: Pu Deqiang was a bit stupid, you consider it clearly.

Who knows that the woman said, "Stupid is a bit stupid, but the stupid people are stupid. I will definitely be happy with him."

Pu Deqiang

In this way, the two went into the palace of marriage together.Although Pu Deqiang’s response was slow, he was very clear in his heart. His wife loved him, and he was also willing to give his wife for his wife first.

After two years of marriage, Pu Deqiang’s wife gave birth to a baby boy. The birth of this boy was excited to make Pu Deqiang’s family.

Against the background of heavy men at the time, a boy could show off in the village for a month.After having a child, although the family of three is not wealthy, it is very happy.

Just when everyone thought that the road of happiness of this silly boy was about to begin, his belly was inexplicable.


At first he didn’t take it seriously, but he had eaten too much recently.I didn’t think that this belly was bigger every day.

As the stomach becomes larger, neighbor neighbors around them have also fun."Deqiang, you have eaten too much recently, it looks like there is a baby in the belly." "De Qiang, are you really pregnant?"

At first, the neighbors in the village were just joking, thinking that Pu Deqiang was greedy recently. After all, before he was sick, he was also a big fat boy who was well known to everyone in the village.

Since childhood, he has eaten less, and his body has been lost a lot. Now he eats fat again. I am afraid that the spirit of food when I was a kid was awakened.


Everyone even used him as the object of chatting after a tea. Someone also gambled, gambling is a boy and girl in the gambling belly.

For the gossip of the neighbors, Pu Deqiang also made a hair in his heart, but after all, how could he be a man who could get pregnant.

Furthermore, he is also a dad. There should be no problem in fertility. If there is a problem, wouldn’t the son come to him at the beginning.

Although this is understanding, but his belly does not seem to understand. Looking at the growing belly, Pu Deqiang is a little doubtful.

Pu Deqiang is in front of the house

Pu Deqiang was sitting at his door, watching the neighbor in the ground, stroking his round belly with both hands, and began to think in his heart.

If this is really pregnant, it should be or not.If you don’t, this is also a small life. If you want, people in this village will say a lifetime.

Pu Deqiang’s wife did not dislike his stomach, but he also accompanied him to encourage him every day to take care of his daily living.

At this time, although Pu Deqiang couldn’t see anything, he was already hurting greatly in the jokes that the neighbors thought.

Secretary of Jielong Village

In order to make themselves not hurt by their words, Pu Deqiang comforts himself every day: he has to care about himself, don’t care about the eyes of others.

It was said that, but Pu Deqiang still couldn’t live in this hurdle. Even sleeping and dreaming were all the neighbors laughed around and pointed at him.

Pu Deqiang’s wife persuaded him many times, or let’s go to the hospital for examination, but Pu Deqiang refused.Even the neighbors who have lived together for more than ten years laughed at him, not to mention so many strangers in the hospital.

Chief physician

If you do n’t check it, you can say that you are not pregnant, but if you go to the hospital to check the pregnancy, the reputation will be true.

What’s more, the conditions at home are the same. Whether you go to the hospital or not, the light inspection will cost a lot of money.So the thing to go to the hospital was left.

Later, I don’t know if it was Pu Deqiang’s heart. I didn’t say that I had a fewer meals. I often felt nauseous to vomit, and I didn’t even sleep well. It became a state of pregnant women.

Pu Deqiang

After all, Pu Deqiang is the pillar of the family. Even if he was "pregnant", he still wanted to work on the ground to help his wife reduce the burden.

It didn’t matter if you didn’t do it, it didn’t matter if you did it. The stomach was still painful. The painful pain made Pu Deqiang fainting directly in the ground.

After his wife saw it, he quickly asked him to help him and take it to the hospital.Pu Deqiang’s fainting was spreading in the village. Everyone said that he was going to give birth.

Looking at Pu Deqiang’s appearance, some villagers were curious and followed Pu Deqiang and his wife to the hospital. They all wanted to know whether Pu Deqiang really had a child in his belly.


After arriving at the hospital, the doctor immediately checked Pu Diqiang, and the results of the examination were also shocked by the doctor present.

It was found that Pu Deqiang’s physical condition was very special.The internal organs are deviated from the original position. The organs in the abdomen are basically squeezed to the right, and those intestines are squeezed below.

From this point of view, there must be something in the stomach, otherwise the organs will not move their own position.Because Pu Diqiang is in a coma now, the specific situation has to wait for him to wake up and talk about it.

But when the doctor briefly returned to Pu Deqiang’s ward, he found that the bed had disappeared.

Pu Deqiang fell to the ground

After inquiring, it was learned that Pu Deqiang was afraid of spending money in hospitalization. The family’s livelihood depends on the three -point acres of land, and there is no extra money at all to see a doctor.If it weren’t for the accidental fainting, he would not come to the hospital.

After returning home, Pu Deqiang felt more and more disturbed, fearing that he had a child in his belly. After all, the doctor also said that there was something in his belly.

Under the persuasion of his wife, he came to the health center in the village for inspection, but after all, the health center was not a hospital. Without perfect medical equipment, he could not find out what Pu Deqiang’s belly was.

Pu Deqiang thought that since he couldn’t find out, he would go home and see if he could heal himself, maybe it would be better slowly.

Pu Deqiang’s belly

Think of it that, but his body is not so obedient.The strong pain made Pu Deqiang lie on the bed and rolled back and forth.

When his wife saw him so uncomfortable, he took him to the city center hospital again.Due to the large stomach, many people were watching, and he avoided the strange eyes to the doctor’s office.

Later, the doctor arranged for him to do a B -ultrasound to see what was in his stomach.The doctor slipped on Pu Deqiang’s belly with the detector.

As the doctor slid back and forth back and forth, a huge white object displayed on the display. Because it was not particularly clear, the doctor arranged Pu Deqiang to make another CT to see.

Pu Deqiang

At this time, Pu Deqiang fought back and wanted to return home to let his belly heal himself. His wife persuaded him: "You’re obedient, don’t drag it again, let’s run back and forth enough."

In this way, Pu Deqiang obeyed his wife and obediently did a CT examination.After the result, Pu Deqiang’s physical condition shocked the doctor again.

The CT diagram showed that the white object in his belly was a baby with hands and feet, and the doctor also detected the calcification material from this large white block.

This shows that Pu Deqiang’s stomach is likely to be really personal.Now that the test results have come out, the doctor wants to perform surgery immediately.

Pu Deqiang’s belly

It is mainly that he is afraid that it will be more damaged to Pu Deqiang’s body, and it will even seriously endanger his life.

Pu Deqiang said to the doctor to do surgery. Pu Deqiang immediately refused, and he returned to his house again.

In his heart, he also wanted to get rid of the big burden on his stomach, but the conditions in the family were half half, and the entire property was a thousand pieces, but the family must not eat or drink.

After knowing that he had a child in his stomach, Pu Deqiang also agreed with him to give up surgery. They were afraid that they would have a fetus at that time and would be joked by neighbors for a lifetime.

The doctor checked Pu Deqiang

After careful consideration, the local hospital considers Pu Deqiang’s family economic situation, and decided to reduce the cost of surgery for him.

Subsequently, the hospital sent a car to Pu Deqiang’s house and received him to the hospital, arranging the surgery time for him.

On the day of the surgery, Pu Deqiang took 8 hours from entering to the out.The objects taken out of his stomach surprised all the doctors in the operating room.

Because this object not only has heads but also torso, but also the most important thing is that she also has a female uninterrupted reproductive organs, which looks like an unshakable baby girl.


At this time, the neighbors in Pu Deqiang Village were all during the operation. Like the last time, they urgently wondered if Pu Deqiang really gave birth to a child.

When they knew that Pu Deqiang gave birth to a stranger, they passed ten and a half passed in the village, and finally they knew even several villages next door.

After in -depth discussion of doctors, it said: This is not a baby at all, but a special tumor called teratoma.

The attending physician Yang Yao: "If you report from the current literature, the teratoma is particularly similar to the human body. This situation is also rare."

Scene simulation

Favorite tumor is similar to parasitic tires. It is produced during the development of fertilized eggs. It is a special form of lesions.

The things in Pu Deqiang’s belly are white. His big belly is not because of pregnancy, but it is just a strange tumor in his body.

So far, men are still impossible to get pregnant. Because they do not have the function of pregnancy, there are no fallopian tubes, no ovaries, and no uterus, so they cannot bred a baby.

With the doctor’s explanation, Pu Deqiang’s hanging heart finally let go. After his body recovered, he was discharged and returned home.

Chief physician

After returning home, Pu Deqiang thought that with the doctor’s explanation, the villagers would definitely not be nonsense anymore, but they did not expect them to be intensified.

Whether it is relatives or people in the village, they say that Pu Deqiang has a strange fetus, and also says that a man’s weird fetus is a bad symbol, which will bring disaster to the village.

The people in the village insisted on their concepts without explaining the doctor, and insisted on their ideas, thinking that he was a monster, and looked at him with a strange look.


Some people even said that he was a shemale, and in his life, he would be pregnant and produced a child in this life.Not only that, even his son Xiaohua (pseudonym) was hurt.

The children who had played with Xiaohua did not come to him, because their parents said: Pu Deqiang is a monster, and it will become obscure when you contact their family.

The bad things spread thousands of miles, and even the people next door came to see what kind of men could have children. They did not avoid the discussion in front of Pu Deqiang’s house.

No matter where he goes, mocking and abuse follow.In order to avoid these rumors, he stayed in his home without seeing anyone. Even so, there would be curious people who looked at the wall.

Scene simulation

In the end, Pu Deqiang could no longer bear these abuse, and his sensitive heart completely broke his defense.On a quiet night, when his wife and son were asleep, he hung up and committed suicide.

Pu Deqiang’s death ended all rumors. Relatives were very sorry for his death, and his wife was immersed in sorrow every day with tears.

Those who once ridiculed him did not feel guilty, and even thought it was just a joke.

Scene simulation

There are more excessive direct saying: Pu De is strong. He is still the evil of his life. He died in our village and was safe.

After Pu Deqiang died, it seemed to have never happened in the village. Those who had hurt him should work, and should eat and eat, but it was not affected.

The only pitiful is Pu Deqiang’s wife and son. At a young age, he had no father, and he needed his mother to pull him alone.

Due to the low quality education in the village at that time, the villagers did not know that the rumors stopped at the wise. I hope that Pu Deqiang can make them understand that the language is sometimes more sharp than the knife.

People’s hearts generally do not die in major events, but they have become fatal injuries by those small injuries at and over again.

When the avalanche, there is no snowflake to be innocent.It was not the last straw that pressed the camel, but every one pressed on the body.

We can’t help them one by one when strangers are hurt, but at least we cannot fall down the stones and sprinkle salt on their wounds.

A good words were warm in three winter, and the evil words hurt people in June.If you praise, you can blurt out, but if you slander, you must think twice, because in a word, you can achieve a person or destroy a person.

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