Congratulations!The well -known actress in Hong Kong is about to be pregnant for ten months, and the stretch marks scare netizens

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Hong Kong’s well -known actress and beautiful model Guo Silin are imminent!She has been pregnant for ten months, and the due date is next week.She is about to upgrade her mother. At this moment, her mood is both nervous and excited.

Recently, Guo Silin also shared a number of pregnant belly photos during the social media before leaving the basin, which has attracted the attention of many netizens.

It can be seen from the photo shared by Guo Silin that the photos are outdoors and some are taken indoors.Some on a white wedding dress, a black lace dress, and a black suit.Under the guidance of the photographer, Guo Silin faced various POSE in the face, and the whole person looked particularly beautiful.

Although it is imminent, the pregnant belly is already very protruding and the action is not convenient, but Guo Silin’s overall figure does not show signs of weight.

Her facial contour is still particularly clear and her limbs are very slender. I believe that she has an inevitable relationship with her usually insisting on exercise.Many netizens are sighing: After giving birth, Guo Silin also avoided the trouble of weight loss. After a period of rest, he could return to make milk powder quickly.

Guo Silin’s various pregnant belly photos seem to be particularly particularly artistic and beautiful.However, in the limited time dynamics of social media, the shared pregnant belly photos were specially shocked by many netizens.

From the dynamics, you can see that Guo Silin’s pregnant belly is really particularly large.And the stretch marks on her belly are also particularly obvious, and even scared many netizens. Everyone was leaving a message directly: afraid.Even Guo Silin herself complained: she doesn’t want stretch marks!

Maybe this is Guo Silin’s first pregnancy, so behind her happiness and beauty, she has endured a lot of pain and torture.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and pregnancy were particularly obvious. After three months, these symptoms were relieved.But when she was about to be in the past, she had soreness, gastric acid, and even insomnia, which made her feel very low.

But when Guo Silin was painful and helpless, her husband Wu Haokang accompanied her all the time, and made her feel at ease.

I believe that when the baby in the belly is born, the moment when the baby is crying, Guo Silin will feel that he has experienced the pain and hard work in the past 10 months. Everything is worth it.

At the beginning of this year, Guo Silin suddenly announced that she had married her gossip boyfriend Wu Haokang. At the same time, she released the news of pregnancy and shocked many people.

In other words, Guo Silin was unmarried first, so at that time, the outside world felt that the reason why they suddenly got married was completely for the children in the belly.

After the official announcement, the two soon held a wedding ceremony.Although the epidemic was more severe at the time, the couple invited many relatives and friends to attend the wedding.Everyone at the wedding did not bring a mask. As a result, a few days after the wedding ended, Guo Silin announced the confirmation on social media.

Since she was pregnant, the outside world was very worried about her condition.Fortunately, Guo Silin was only infected with a slight infection. After less than a week of isolation, she turned from Yang to Yin, and then recovered soon.

In the impression of Xiaobian, Guo Silin’s husband Wu Haokang is also a "flower heart big radish".Over the years, there are quite a lot of female artists who have associated with him.Like everyone familiar with Hu Dingxin, Zhuang Simin, and Zhong Shu Man who had loved him, they all regretted breaking up.

Finally, I hope that Guo Silin, who is in the right time, will go well in the next, and wish her baby to grow healthily and happily in the future.

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