Cough constantly, is the infection aggravated?Expert explained doubt

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Many new coronal virus infections have cough symptoms.Cough constantly, is the infection increasing?

Cough is one of the most common symptoms of new crown virus infection, with an average duration of about 2 weeks.Most of the infection of Omikon’s mutant strain is mild, and the symptoms will gradually be reduced. After "Yangkang", the cough will continue for a while. The cough does not mean that the infection is increasing.However, if the symptoms of cough are severe or continuously not alleviated, especially when the fever or continuous fever continues, accompanied by hypoxia (decreased oxygen saturation) or shortness of breath, and shortness of qi after activity, you need to be alert to pneumonia caused by new coronary virus.Go to the hospital and check the chest CT.

Not only the infection of the new coronal virus, the symptoms of cough after a cold, influenza, or pneumonia are cough after infection.New coronal virus infection can be limited to the upper respiratory tract, and it can also affect the lungs and cause pneumonia.Most of the cough caused by the new crown virus infection is self -limiting, but if the symptoms are continuous, accompanied by symptoms such as hypoxia and dyspnea, you need to be alert to pneumonia and severe illnesses. Please go to the hospital for evaluation in time.

Mild cough symptoms do not need to be treated.When the symptoms of cough affect life, it is recommended to see the doctor. It is recommended to use drugs that relieve the symptoms of cough, such as compound methamphetamine, or a pseudo -hemp solution.Both drugs are composite preparations, containing antihistamine, reducing blood, and cough drugs. They have a good effect on cough treatment caused by airway inflammation after infection.It can also be considered in the treatment of corticosteroids, such as inhaled preparations of Bubidaid or Fluenaaton or used for atomizing treatment.If there is a history of asthma or cough mutant asthma, it can be inhaled according to asthma with composite preparations containing hormone and bronchial dilators, or increases the dose of hormone in the usual daily aspiration.If the treatment of drugs is not good, you need to go to the hospital to further evaluate the cause of cough and adjust the treatment.

New coronal virus infection does not need to use antibiotics.However, in some cases, such as elderly patients, especially elderly patients who merge with new coronary virus pneumonia, or increase the risk of bacterial infection, the risk of combined with bacterial infection can be considered.

Patients with repeated cough need to pay attention to the following: smoking patients must quit smoking; patients with hypertension need to check whether there is a drug named "Prip" in the antihypertensive drug used., May lead to worsening cough symptoms; patients with respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary and pulmonary fibrosis, etc., you need to understand whether the treatment plan needs to be adjusted;Dynamically understand the changes in blood oxygen saturation.

Repeated fever, or continuous no relief, or other symptoms are worse; age is greater than 65 years old, and basic diseases such as chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors are combined.

For most of the infected infected by the new coronal virus, if the cough is mainly dry cough, the sputum is not much, the fever is getting better, and the symptoms of cough are gradually improving. There are no other obvious symptoms. You can observe with confidence without the need for chest CT examination.

The average symptoms of cough after the infection of the new coronal virus last about 2 weeks, and some patients can last for 4 weeks.Cough caused by simplicity inflammation generally reduces.After 2 weeks of new coronal virus infection, if the symptoms of cough are aggravated, or the symptoms of more than 4 weeks have not yet eased, you need to go to the hospital for treatment to further evaluate the possible causes.

(The author is the deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine of Beijing Union Hospital)

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