Cupping is good for the body, but do you know the taboos of cupping?

Cupping is one of the special therapies of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effects of passing the meridian, active qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain, and eliminating wind and cold. Now it is in winter, and the cupping becomes hot.In changes, back pain and joints may occur, and many people can easily infect wind and cold. Everyone can draw cupping appropriately, go to cold, achieve the effect of preventing diseases and treating diseases.

Cupping method, also known as "fire can" and "pyramid therapy", was known as "horns" in ancient times.This is a therapy that uses cups and cans to use the air to discharge the air in it to cause negative pressure to suck the skin and cause the bloody blood phenomenon.This therapy can remove dampness and dampness, clear the meridians, eliminate stagnation, activate qi and blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain, abolish and diarrhea, and have the functions of adjusting the balance of yin and yang, relieving fatigue, and enhancing physical fitness.Purpose of disease.Therefore, many diseases can be treated with cupping therapy.For example: people are in middle age, tendons and bones are common, and according to the interpretation of Chinese medicine, most of them are rheumatism.

Because cupping can activate qi and promoting blood circulation, eliminating cold, swelling and pain, it has a certain therapeutic effect on lumbar and back muscles and lumbar disc herniation.Fire cans can also be used on human acupoints to treat problems with headache, dizziness, swelling, cough, asthma, abdominal pain and other problems, and can be implemented at the same time.

1. Balance yin and yang.Yang Sheng is hot, and Yin Sheng is cold.Heating is a manifestation of yang, and the cold war is the symptom of yin. Cupping in Dazhui can treat fever diseases, and in Guan Yuan, it can treat cold diseases.

2. Rather the viscera.Cupping therapy can cause the body surface acupoints to cause congestion and blood stasis such as a negative pressure attractive effect through the partial tapen and acupuncture points. The acupoints are connected to the internal organs through the meridians to treat various viscera diseases.

3. Dredging the meridians.Cupping therapy is attracted by its warm mechanical stimulation and negative pressure, which stimulates the acupuncture points of the body surface and the meridians, and the acupoints and meridians are closely connected to the meridians.Therefore, cupping can clear the meridians and reconcile the battalion, eliminate the various diseases in the meridians.

4. Assist in diagnosis.By observing the changes in all cupping body surfaces, the nature, location and relationship with the internal organs can be inferred.

5. Eliminate the evil.Because cupping therapy is unacceptable, the wind can be treated, the wind is cold, and it can also adjust the role of the visceral meridians, inspires the righteousness of the human body, and helps to discharge evil spirits in the body.

6. Two -way adjustment.In the case of clinical acupoints and cupping methods, cupping therapy has a two -way benign regulatory effect.

Of course, cupping is good for the body, but it is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, if the operation is improper, it will cause bad consequences. What are the taboos of cupping?

Taboo and precautions for cupping:

(1) Satisfaction and empty stomach should not be cupping operations.Just eat it, it is not suitable for cupping. It is best to do better after eating for 1 hour. If it is an empty stomach in the morning, it is not suitable to make cupping.

(2) Before cupping, you must row the urine first.Because cupping takes a period of time, in order not to interfere, it is recommended to row urine before cupping.

(3) In the same part, you cannot cupping every day.Because cupping will have some damage to local skin, cupping cannot be repeatedly performed in the same part, which will aggravate skin damage.

(4) The spots of cupping, do not go back, do not cupping again.Generally, after cupping, the local skin will discolor, forming purple scars. However, purple scars do not need to be treated, and you can fade away. Do not cupping again before it subsides.

(5) Women’s menstrual period and other bleeding parts cannot be cupping.

(6) Do not take a bath immediately after cupping, especially a cold bath.Because cold water stimulates the skin of the cupping area, it is easy to cause infection or damage.

(7) High heat, convulsions, spasm, etc., these situations should be treated, and we must not cupping.

(8) Skin allergies or ulcer damage.

(9) The muscles are thin or bruised and the parts with uneven bones are not suitable for cupping.

(10) Pregnant women’s lumbosacral region and abdomen must be used with caution.For pregnant women, the abdomen is the uterus. Therefore, cupping must be cautious in this part, and it is not necessary to use it.

Cupping is a treatment method for traditional Chinese medicine. Healthy people cupping can relieve fatigue, but it is not suitable for cupping often, and by reading the marks of the tank, you can also see the body’s disease.The premise of cupping can be healthy to avoid the above -mentioned cupping taboos. If cupping is not required as required, not only does it not be able to have a health effect, it will cause physical discomfort.

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