Delieving physiological and pathological edema during pregnancy

Pregnancy will cause some expectant mothers to swell their hands. According to statistics, more than 90%of women will have edema in their ankles and legs during pregnancy.So, which edema is a normal physiological response, which is a disease warning proposed by the body, what should expectant mothers pay attention to?

Legend 1: I am pregnant very seriously, and I almost eat and vomit.Recently, I felt that my feet were particularly heavy for 10 weeks, and I was tired upstairs.Press your ankle with your hands, recessed, and slowly recover.In the middle of the night, I was awakened by urine during sleep. After unbuttoning, I felt dizzy when I stood up. After taking a few steps, I just arrived at the door of the bedroom. Suddenly, Venus, my feet were soft and kneeling.When my husband heard a "bang", he immediately came over to help me, and I slowed down for ten minutes.Check blood and get iron deficiency anemia.

Under normal circumstances, expectant mothers will not have edema in early pregnancy (before 12 weekends).If the pregnant woman is eaten or due to the severe pregnancy reaction, and the pregnancy is too small, the nutrition may not keep up, it may be anemia, and the increase of circulating body fluids, edema, etc. will increase the anemia.Mild anemia has little effect on pregnancy; severe anemia is rare, which can easily cause premature birth and low birth weight.

Eating more iron -rich foods can prevent and improve anemia.Animal viscera, egg yolk and other foods such as high iron content and good absorption.It is very good to eat the liver once a week.Soy products, wine brews, and black fungus are also good.At the same time, eating more fruits and vegetables, they can not only supplement iron, but also the vitamin C can promote the absorption and utilization of iron.

For early pregnancy edema or edema in other parts of the body, such as sudden increase in abdominal circumference, it may be caused by diseases, such as heart disease, cirrhosis, chronic nephritis, etc., you need to go to the hospital for examination.A woman was pregnant with a child through the "IVF" technology. Two weeks later, her belly was significantly bigger. It turned out to be early pregnancy edema caused by over -stimulation syndrome of the ovary.

Lotus 2: After dinner, 20 weeks of pregnancy and I have to go out for a walk. When wearing shoes, I found that the sandals of the sandals could not be buckled. My feet seemed to be two buns.I pressed my ankle with my hands and felt numb. When I pressed it, I fell down, and then fell back slowly.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, edema developed from ankle to knee, and it became more powerful.The number of shoes has also increased. My husband joked that my edema’s feet were "the fattest and largest trotters in history."

The doctor told me some methods to eat more protein -containing things, eat less salty and less digestible foods.From then on, the vegetables that were burned at home were original, and I also changed the habit of drinking a glass of water before going to bed at night.When I was sleeping, I put a stacking little quilt under my feet and kept the sleeping position on the left side.The careful husband inquired and found a lot of secret recipes to treat edema.

After slowly adjusting, edema really reduced a lot.

After 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus gradually increased the blood vessels of the lower body, coupled with the increase of hormones secreted by the placenta and the increased aldosterone secreted by the adrenal gland, causing edema of the lower limbs.The feet, ankles, and calves are the most common parts of edema.

Starting from the weekend 13th to 27th in pregnancy), the phenomenon of edema of expectant mothers will become increasingly obvious and spread upward. The weather is hot and swelling will be more serious.If you lie down or sleep overnight, the edema is reduced or disappeared, which is normal physiological edema.After childbirth, through frequent urination and a lot of sweat, you can discharge excessive water in the body, and the size of the feet will return to normal.

Don’t take it lightly because edema is a common phenomenon, and some edema is a manifestation of abnormal body.If edema after rest, not only does not fade, but has an aggravated trend. When it develops to thighs, vulva, faces and eyes around or the whole body, it is accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, limb weakness, and less urine.The weight gain is particularly so fast; one foot is enlarged than the other foot, which may be heart -derived, kidney -derived, and liver -sized edema. Pregnancy hypertension syndrome causes edema or hypothyroidism caused by hypertensionEdema, etc., consult an obstetrician and gynecologist immediately.

Reduce "swelling" Miao Fang

Edema during pregnancy can be improved through some small methods in life:

Do not eat salty foods, especially pickles, do not have more than 6 grams of salt per day, about one teaspoon.If edema is obvious, you can try food therapy to relieve swelling and diuretic, such as consumption of watermelon, melon carp soup, red beans, black beans and mung bean sugar water, but it is not advisable to eat more.

The side lying can minimize the edge of the morning than the supine lying. It is recommended to sleep on the left side of the expectant mother; when sitting, put a bench under the foot, walk every hour, stretch the legs, move the heel, toe, rotate, rotateThe ankle joints make the blood circulation in the legs unobstructed.Choosing soft and natural soft leather or cloth shoes can effectively reduce the fatigue of the feet.Wearing elastic socks can relieve edema, and it can also prevent diseases such as venous veins in the lower limbs.

The prospective mother is edema, and the prospective dad needs to help.Before falling asleep at night, the prospective dad helps expectant mothers to massage lower limbs. Gradually from the direction of the calf, just rub it gently to make the expectant mothers feel comfortable physically and mentally.

Speed 3: At 26 weeks of pregnancy, my edema was obvious, and my fingers could not wear a ring.In the mirror, it was frightened, and the whole person changed. My husband described me as a "tiger back".Once, I bumped the calf, and it was not blood but water that could flow out.

I plan to have a cesarean section after the National Day, but on the morning of September 28, a sense of dizziness that had never had before suddenly attacked me, with a amount of blood pressure meter, high pressure 140 low pressure 90, compared with the previous data high pressure 120 low pressure 80, 80A lot higher.I think it is the weather that the weather is repeated, and suddenly the heat becomes hot, decide to see the situation, and then measure it again at night.

In the evening, my husband came home from get off work, and I turned my head to look at him, and the "golden flower splashed" in front of me.My mother -in -law immediately helped me measure blood pressure, but it was terrible, and the high pressure reached 180.We hurried to the hospital. After examination, we diagnosed with pregnancy hypertension syndrome.The doctor of the emergency room criticized me that the blood pressure was so high and the fetus was very dangerous. It was possible that the placenta would fall off at any time, causing the child to die.Lying in the waiting room, I was so dizzy that I couldn’t see the doctors and nurse in front of my eyes.The edema made my muscles stiff, and the doctor gave me a hemp medicine difficulty. After two stitches, I was tied into it.

The baby was born smoothly.Recalling the hardships of pregnancy, I think maybe this is exactly the "sweet" experience of being a mother.

If the edema does not improve, and the weight increases sharply, when symptoms such as hypertension and proteinuria occur, it may be a pregnancy hypertension syndrome, referred to as pregnant hypertension.Pregnancy hypertension edema is the most common abnormal edema in the third trimester (after the 28th weeks of pregnancy).

This uninvited guest often "visit" pregnant women. Edema is generally the first symptom, which can cause headaches, blurred vision, and convulsions.If the edema is still not faded after resting and controlling salt intake, the following situations also appear: edema appears in the morning, the fingers are swollen;Pain or no sensation; blood pressure rises to 140/90 mm Hg, and when there is proteinuria, you need to pay attention.

Pregnant women with pregnancy should strictly control the intake of salt, which is limited to 3-5 grams per day to say Say NO for fried food.Take a walk and do gymnastics in pregnant women.””””

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