Destinating during pregnancy Carefully cause the baby to cause irreparable brain damage

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In this era of thinness, in order to maintain a slim figure, many people will adopt a deliberate dieting method to control weight, so many people often say "pregnancy = disfigurement". The enviable A4 waist has beenNo longer exist. I believe that many expectant mothers who have experienced pregnancy or pregnancy have been experienced, but some people have strict requirements on their bodies during pregnancy, even during pregnancy.Mom also deliberately diet during pregnancy to maintain her figure, but what you don’t know is that you are developing obstacles for the fetal brain!

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Two years after the beginning of pregnancy, the brain is very sensitive to the types and quality of nutrients in the brain, because during this period, the key period of the brain’s acute growth and further axial lever (the role of the culcinoscopy can be viewedMy micro -headline), we can see that the diet of mothers during the fetus can affect the development of the brain. If the calorie intake during pregnancy is too small, it may slowly slow down the brain development!

Diet for pregnant women

In any time of the sensitive period, the lack of nutrition will endanger the development of the brain, but the earlier it occurs, and if the heat is missing, it is accompanied by insufficient protein intake, the more serious damage will be, and the more durable.

So what harm will be brought about by the lack of nutrition in the sensitive period, and how should we avoid?

[Harm of lack of nutritional nutrition in sensitive period] Through research on children with a large number of sensitive matrix periods, it is found that compared with children with sufficient nutrients in the same background in fetal or infant malnutrition, IQ test scoresSlow, relatively slow development, and abnormal behavior, even development obstacles to sensory and fine skills will occur.And malnutrition during pregnancy will cause the fetus to be too light, and the head circumference is smaller than that of children with sufficient nutrition.Compared with heavyweight newborns, they have higher proportion of nervous system damage and mental disorders.

Pay attention to children who are not concentrated

Therefore, during pregnancy, Baoma must pay attention to nutritional intake, and do not take improper weight loss methods in order to maintain her body.It will be better to increase the weight of the upper body, but there is also a certain limit. Increasing too much will lead to too much fetus, and the chance of increasing the dystocia. The fetal brain is often the most vulnerable organs in the dystocia. ThereforeIncrease 9-13.5 kilograms. This unit is adjusted according to height and weight before pregnancy. Slimming women should increase weight, and otherwise they increase their weight.

In order to control the needs of the fetal development in a reasonable weight control, the mothers of mothers throughout pregnancy have extra 300 calories every day; more breastfeeding, 500-600 calories per day. These calories are best derived from protein, so these calories are derived from protein, so these calories are derived from protein, so these calories are derived from protein, so they are derived from protein, so they are derived from protein, so they are derived from protein.Specific mothers during pregnancy can eat more high protein foods, because protein is critical to brain development. It is best to consume 10-12 grams of protein per day, and it is advisable to increase 12-15 grams per day.

Frequent dairy products to increase protein intake

The early malnutrition, the longer the duration, the heavier the damage, so get rid of malnutrition as soon as possible (within 2 years of age), and provide sufficient nutrition, emotional support, and intellectual development. Most of them can only be recovered!

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[Author’s heart language] Life has given us a lot of tests. We are better to ourselves. While pregnancy, you should eat, drink and drink, "heavy" ourselves, and achieve children.

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