Detailed introduction of demand information, file construction time and inspection items for pregnant women

Pregnant women need to establish a personal pregnancy file in the hospital when conducting the first birth checkup, and record all the information of pregnant women and their pregnancy examinations in the archives, including the situation of the pregnant woman itself, the time of the examination, the project, etc., and sometimes involved some pregnancy.Notice, etc.Many pregnant women do not understand in the process of building files, nor do they care very much. In fact, it is very important to build files. Once a problem occurs, it can reflect the problem of the pregnant woman in time. So what is the specific process of the construction of the production inspection file?Let ’s take a look with Xiaoshi’s Biography Bao.

What do pregnant women need to build files

Pregnant women need to prepare some personal information before building files, and the process of building files will be more smooth, and expectant mothers do not have to wait too long.So what materials do pregnant women need to build files?

Certificate preparation: standard certificate (original and photocopy), maternity insurance permit (original and photocopy), peri -production certificate, compensation certificate, test forms of past inspection, B -ultrasound documents, etc.

Pregnant women generally need to bring their ID cards. Those who participate in medical insurance should bring medical insurance cards. Some hospitals also require a standard certificate.Of course, the regulations of hospitals may be different. Before you go, expectant mothers are best to call to inquire clearly to avoid going back and forth due to leakage of documents.If there is any information that needs to be processed in advance, it is also easy to handle it in advance, and you can get it one by one when the file is built.

Pregnant women’s file time

In fact, it is only 4 months when pregnant women have built files, which means that the file is built at the latest at the latest.However, many big cities are tight because of their medical treatment, so expectant mothers are best to prepare for archives in advance.At the same time, the first production inspection must be conducted, so you must apply for a good student permit before the archives are established.Specific mothers need to understand the relevant situation in advance, and cooperate with their own time to establish files on time during the corresponding pregnancy.Generally speaking, the establishment of stalls for pregnant women is more useful for pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnant women’s archive inspection project

Under normal circumstances, the first birth checkups will be performed on the same day after the establishment of a file.The inspection items at the time of archives include height, weight, blood pressure, palace height, abdominal circumference, fetal position, fetal heart, routine urine, blood routine, electrocardiogram, etc. to understand the development of the fetus.If the results of various inspections are qualified, the hospital will build a file for you.Therefore, it is equivalent to a comprehensive physical examination in a comprehensive medical examination. Pregnant women need to prepare accordingly to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

The pregnant mother needs to eat a light diet one night before drawing blood. Avoid eating big fish and meat.This is very important, because the blood routine examination is mainly to determine whether the expectant mothers are anemia, and the normal value is 100g/L -160g/L.Mild anemia has little impact on mothers and childbirth. Severe anemia can cause adverse consequences such as premature birth and low weight.Therefore, if pregnant mothers have anemia, it is necessary to treat them in time, which is very important for the health of themselves and the fetus.

Specific procedures for pregnant women’s archives

Pregnant women’s files are a very important event in the pregnancy of pregnant women. After establishing a file, they can participate in the monthly medical examination according to time. At the same time, they can also understand the physical condition of their own and babies in the abdomen in a timely manner.The establishment of files will bring a lot of convenience for future inspections, consultations, and production.In order to help pregnant mothers more comprehensively understand the process of building files, 1. Certificate preparation: standard permit (original and photocopy), maternity insurance permit (original and photocopy), perinatal certificate, compensation certificate, past inspection test form, B -ultrasound, B -ultrasound, B -ultrasound, B -ultrasoundAccording to it.If you do not apply for a good document, you must apply as soon as possible, and the documents can be built in full.

2. Apply submitted information: After filling in the information, after the cost is paid, you can obtain new cases of pregnant women, registered in the birth checklist, oral examination registration form and other information.

3. Production inspection: The steps of birth check steps are generally testing blood pressure and weight. After these two inspections are performed, professional check -up items are started, including palace high, abdominal circumference, fetal sound measurement, blood test, leucorrhea, urine routine examinationproject.

Note: Due to the large number of people participating in the production examination, pregnant women need to prepare for a long time waiting for a long time. Wearing loose and convenient clothes and shoes must be accompanied by family members.During the production inspection process, according to the guidance of the medical staff, queuing, paying, you can arrive as soon as possible according to your own situation. It is best to choose a hospital with convenient transportation and closer to the residential location.The birth check.

Article Source: Small Pulse Pregnancy Public Account

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