Dezhou’s new anti -abortion method detonates the United States: It is no exception to prohibit pregnant women from abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Source: Global Times

[Global Times reporter Hao Shuangyan] The United States has implemented the most stringent anti -abortion method in the United States since local time on Wednesday.This law prohibits pregnant women from abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. It is no exception due to rape or incest conception. It has even established a "prize prosecution system" to encourage strangers to report and prosecute each other.Relevant equity organizations requested the Supreme Court of the United States to stop the law, but they were rejected.This is the victory of conservatives who have been seeking to eliminate abortion for a long time, but it has caused strong criticism from the Democratic Party.According to US media analysis, the bill was implemented to show the serious "right leaning" pattern of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Dezhou Members discussed on the abortion restriction bill.

Reuters reported on the 2nd that the fetus’s heart sound can be detected from 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the law signed by the governor of the state and Republican Abert in May this year requires that once the baby’s heart sound is detected, the abortion is the abortion.In order to violate the law, the law is also called the "Dezhou Heartbeat Act".Given that 85%to 90%of abortion occurs after 6 weeks of pregnancy, the law is almost equivalent to a comprehensive ban on abortion.Local demonstrations protested by demonstrations.

The National Public Broadcasting Station reported that after the law was implemented, people who successfully sued those who helped abortion -including doctors, nurses, and even drivers who drove pregnant women to abortion to get at least $ 10,000.In order to facilitate the public’s report, the "Life Rights of Life" has established a special website. The person in charge of the organization said, "This is not aimed at women, but people who have profit from abortion.The implementation of this law in Dezhou expressed anger and condemned its constitutional rights established in the previous example of "blatantly violated", but the report also said that the White House was helpless.

Former US President Trump consolidated the Supreme Fa’s situation with conservatives.At present, the proportion of conservatives and liberals among the nine judges has become 6: 3.Under the acquiescence of the highest law, other conservative states may follow the state.

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