This "chocolate" is lying on the gun!Eating can be detoured.The ovaries can not produce chocolate, and chocolate can not eat the abdominal cavity.It’s just that its sac is like chocolate.

The full name of the Qiaoqian is also called "ovarian chocolate cyst"; scientific name: ovarian endometriosis cyst, which is the most common type of endometriosis.In fact, the production of Qiaoqian is caused by the endometrium that grows on the uterine island. They originally lived quietly on the uterine island.

However, with the eruption of menstrual volcano on the island, some endometrium babies escape out while chaos.

Because there is a bridge between the ovarian islands and the uterine island, this has caused the opportunity for the endometrium to take advantage of it.

The fallopian tubal Hashimoto is a one -way lane. It only allows the ovarian to go to the uterus through the ovaries, but there is no traffic police on the bridge, and some non -ruled endometrium babies dare to open their eyes.

Of course, this is not the only way for endometrium babies to escape on the ovaries

The ovarian island is full of charming estrogen gases, making the endometrium fluttering.

Soon they took root here, developing ethnic groups, and developing a new life.

When the endometrium babies are more and more, there is no menstruation on the ovarian island, and they cannot be ejected. At this time, the problem comes.

In the end, they will be entangled inside the ovarian island, and the cysts will occur at this time.

Sometimes when the ground space is not enough, they start to excavate the interior and seek greater living space.

More and more lumps begin to occur. The entire ovarian island and surrounding environment are smoky, and wastewater and garbage (blood) cannot be discharged, which has a series of bad influence.

Impact 1: Infertility

40%-50%of patients with inotomiac patients with infertility are transferred from the diagnosis and treatment guidelines for endometriosis (2015 edition)

Impact 2: Various pain

There will also be various symptoms of internal disease pain: dysmenorrhea, acute lower abdominal pain, chronic pelvic pain …

It will also be involved in multiple parts such as pelvic cavity, uterus, sacral ligaments, and even intestinal and urinary systems …

Pain is not the characteristic clinical manifestation of the ingenuity. Therefore, the two pains of dysmenorrhea and chronic pelvic cavity are more likely to find the existence of internal disease (including ingenuity) during diagnosis.

If acute lower abdominal pain occurs, it is common in the spontaneous rupture of the ingenuity (tenderness in the abdomen of the body, and the CA125, which was not very high, will rise sharply, even exceeding 1,000. At the same time as the ingenuity of the attachment block of the accessories, it is short -termThere will be no significant narrowing in it, it is a relatively rare compact complication of emergency response)

Because ectopic pregnancy, luteal rupture, and ovarian cysts can also cause acute lower abdomen pain, remember to take a serious discrimination diagnosis here (often the diagnosis can be diagnosed when the annexal block is detected when the annex block is discovered)

Impact 3: long block

Check the cystic mass of one or bilateral attachment area.

Because the teratoma, physiological cysts, and ovarian mucus tumors also appear cystic blocks on one or bilateral attachment areas, remember to take a differentiated diagnosis seriously.

How to identify it?Look at ultrasound!Look at ultrasound!Look at ultrasound!(Emphasized things three times)

The ultrasound characteristics of the clever pocket are cystic blocks that are more common in single rooms and are dense and uniform and small light spots (see the figure below)

The physiological cysts are mostly disappeared with the menstrual cycle, and the teratoma also has relatively characteristic ultrasound images. The identification of the two is relatively easy to identify.

Multi -beds of mucus ginomas are common, and the internal echo is better.

Impact 4: Rotten bleeding

Especially serious clever pork, destroying ovarian cortex function, affecting ovulation, and menstrual abnormalities.

At this time you should go to a doctor

Ask the medical history and physical examination is the first step.

It is the second step with the help of an artifact.

Discovery Qianshuo front -line artifact: B ultrasound (the most valuable non -invasive examination, which allows endometrium babies to hide without hiding)

Discovery Qiaoqian auxiliary artifacts: CA125 (most of them have mild increases, and they need to be alert to ovarian tumors when high outrageous)

Discover the final artifact of Qia cap: laparoscopy (the best means of diagnosis+treatment, but it is by no means the end of the treatment)

How should I remove the Qiaoqian?

1. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, estrogen gas will no longer produce estrogen gases, but will become progesterone gases.This led the endometrium babies to lose the source of energy depended on survival.

2. Drugs: GNRHA, progesterone, compound oral contraceptive pill (COC), pregnancy trigamone.EssenceEssence

It suppresss the production of estrogen gases on the island and even disappears these gases.

Eventually, the "air" that the endometrium babies survived from the root cause gradually disappeared.

3. Surgery: laparoscopy

Traditional surgical indications are painful symptoms. Patients with a diameter of block> 4cm of first treatment, or those who are undergoing infertility.

The surgery is a double -edged sword.

4. Interventional treatment: B -ultrasound guidance of the clever sac puncture, extract the sac

This method is mostly used for young patients with recurrence and fertility requirements.Or it is used for larger capsules. After the suction sac, it is treated with drug treatment, so as to reduce the volume of cysts during the subsequent surgery and reduce the loss of ovarian cortex during the surgery.

Rinse it.

Incorporate a hardening agent, the endometrium is dehydrated and bad.

As long as the ovarian island is in

The ectopic endometrium baby will still be resurrected

Recurrence is inevitable

(Wild fire, in spring)

Therefore, long -term management is important: it is necessary to help increase the pregnancy rate, maintain the appropriate hormone level of the age of childbearing age, and reduce the balance between the three points of recurrence.

Surgery, drugs, and auxiliary reproduction, three treatments complement each other. Each patient needs reasonable assessment, individualized treatment, and long -term management.

Only by giving Sun Wukong’s golden hoop, he can directly pound Nan Tianmen!



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