Didn’t you feel in the first month of pregnancy?When you have these 4 changes in your body, congratulations on upgrading to be a mother

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Colleagues Xiaoping suddenly told us that she was going to resign. We were all surprised why?She said she was pregnant, because of the particularity of her work, she was afraid of affecting the fetus, so she wanted to go home to raise a fetus.We all say how to resign before telling us that it is so mysterious.She said that she didn’t know that she had a cold a few days ago and went to the hospital. It was only 6 weeks after the doctor’s examination.In fact, many women do not know when they are pregnant. Because the belly does not grow, they say that the first month of pregnancy does not feel.In fact, the body will change the body as soon as possible, but the change is relatively minor and it is not easy to detect.

1. Mentalomy

This is a very direct signal after pregnancy. Many women are discovered that their own holidays have not been postponed, and then they remembers whether they will be pregnant.If your routine holiday has always been regular, and it has not come for more than 10 days, it is likely to be pregnant.At this time you can try the pregnancy test stick. If you are not sure, you can go to the hospital for examination.

2. Vomiting

This symptom is similar to menopause, and it is also a standard for people to judge whether pregnancy.We often see in TV series that women are pregnant as soon as women vomit.Generally, this situation occurs when it is about half a month of pregnancy, especially in the morning vomiting.This is caused by changes in hormones in the body, and pregnancy will reduce the appetite of pregnant women.Of course, some lucky women do not experience pregnancy.

3. Change of the chest

About 10 days of pregnancy, women will change their chests.This change is generally manifested in chest bloating, and it is also accompanied by a tingling sensation.If you have such a situation 10 days after the same room, you can consider whether you are pregnant.This is a symptom of discomfort caused by changes in hormones in the body, which will slowly disappear.

4. Frequent tiredness

After you are pregnant, even if you do nothing, you will still feel tired and want to rest.In this case, you may be pregnant.Pay attention to rest and do less.

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Tao Ma said: If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must observe more changes in your body after the same room. Don’t know if you are pregnant because of your negligence.If you do something you should not do, you may hurt the fetus.When did you find that you are pregnant?

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