Difficult to prepare for pregnancy, 1 cup of tea and 1 acupuncture point, farewell to hormone drugs, and the polycystic disappears and get pregnant.

A patient was postponed because of the old menstrual period. She complained that she had not been pregnant, but she had been rising, and she had not eaten much.

I asked her height and weight, and it was speculated that it might be a polycyst.She is curious because she speculates that she is versatile.

I said it depends on your BMI. BMI has a calculation formula: a square with weight ÷ height

What kind of disease is so many capsules?In fact, it is a disease that can cause scarcity and ovulation.

I asked her to do six personalized hormones and B -ultrasound first. A second -faced diagnosis was seen. There can be more than 15 small follicles with a diameter of less than 10mm in the bilateral ovaries.Exhaust, obese, acne.

Based on her situation, I prescribed a group of Chinese medicines that were warmed up and cold, qi, and promoted blood circulation.

Groups: Angelica, Sanlien, Curdia, Chuanxiong, Wuyao, Cinnamon, Achyranthes, Ginger, Salva, Cherry Shells, Chenpi, Poria, Ginger Pinellia, Glucaw, Vinegar Hu, Chicken Blood Vine, Fried King, Zelan, ginger.

Decoction, wait for the next menstrual period.

The menstruation of her diameter came again, and the abdominal pain disappeared, the tunes, and there were no symptoms of discomfort. It is recommended that the third cycle of ovulation should be considered to be a child.

Now patients’ cycle rules, ovulation is normal, and has successfully pregnant.

Patients with polycystic if they are not pregnant or have irresistible menstrual irregularities, they can press a Classic Acupoint, which is generally effective on the same day!

This position can be massaged for a while and can come as soon as possible the next day. Of course, patients with polycystic or premature aging need to cooperate with medicine.

Menstruation is delayed. Friends who are dysmenorrhea teach you a small method. Before the menstrual period, you can drink a cup of tea to make menstruation come on time and amount on time.

Hawthorn, longan, wolfberry, red dates, black sugar

This tea can promote blood circulation, promote blood transportation, urge the sutra to nourish qi, regulate qi and blood insufficient, allow qi and blood to circulate smoothly, and improve the physical cold physique.

Hawthorn: qi stagnation, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis

Guiyuan: Yiji activating blood, relieving dysmenorrhea, nourishing beauty and anti -aging

Lycium barbarum: nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney, promoting blood circulation

Red dates: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing Zhongyi Qi, nourishing blood and soothe the gods

Black sugar: nourish blood and warm the palace, speed up blood circulation

Menstruation is normal, we will solve the problem of ovulation.

Several small ways to promote fast -moving fast

Stick to drink black soy milk -promote follicle development

Eat oranges and other foods containing VCs -help help to promote

Eat the warm palace to nourish blood food -drive the cold palace to help pregnancy

Persevere 500 times a day -low frequency promotion row

Finally reminded patients with polycystic ovary not to eat spicy and cold and maintain optimism.

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