Difficult to urinating sows and symptoms?How should I treat the symptoms?

Difficulty in sow urination is actually a very common problem in pig farms, but it is often not easy to attract the attention of farmers, which will cause the disease to become more and more worsening. It will even paralyze the sows.It has influence and reduces the use of sows.There are actually many reasons that cause sows to urinate, such as: do not care during production, or kidney dysfunction, urethral obstruction, incorrect delivery measures, damage to the bladder mucosa and pig kidney worm when using the urethraDifficulty urination of pigs.

The kidney is metabolic and detoxification organs that generate urine to eliminate waste and poisons that eliminate metabolism in the body.

01 pig kidney worm

Due to a disease caused by the parasitic parasitic of the tooth crown, after the kidney parasitic, the kidney mucosa will be swollen and thickened after the kidney parasitic.For a long period of time in the renal pelvis, inflammation occurs, resulting in a large cyst cavity full of pus.In the initial diseased pig skin, pimples and red nodules, lymph nodes, enlarged lymph nodes, loss of appetite, strong spirit, weight loss, rough hair; typical symptoms are frequent urination, but low urine volume, turbid urine, back and waist, back and waistFor stiffness, sows will have symptoms of incompetence, inconspicuous estrus, infertility or abortion.

02 Real -assisted measures are incorrect

Pigs are multiple animals. There are many sows and sows, and they are different in size. Especially the scale of pig farms. The sows will produce a few nests of piglets a year.Pick -up, the maternal assisted personnel are improperly operated, and the movements are rude, such as (the nails are not cut short, the hands and hands and walls are not cleaned, and the disinfection, too hard) can easily damage the birth canal and urethra, and even hurt the bladder.The probability of infection causes difficulty in urination.

03 urinary tract infection

When production, mating, and artificial insemination will cause harm to the urethra. Because sows will cause the bladder neck sphincter to be open after pregnancy and childbirth.Bacteria; during production, the external environment and improper delivery have made some pathogens contact the urethra and provides opportunities for urinary tract infections.The sows have poor urination, urine retention, hematuria, and turbid urine. They are one of the inflammation of the sows’ high incidence. It can also cause the disease of the kidney organs and cause the sow’s immunity to decrease.

04 kidney dysfunction

The sow has taken a long -term intake of mold toxins, causing liver detoxification and decreased kidney detoxification function. In addition, antibiotic abuse is also the main factor in causing kidney dysfunction. The antibiotics that do not play a role must be excreted through the kidneys and cause damage to the sows.The sick sow is reduced, painful, frequent urination, low urination, and endless urination. Sometimes the urine is bloody and turbid, and the pain is painful.


In the physiological mechanism of pigs, urine excretion is one -way. When pigs only drink too much water to cause frequent urination, urine is always residual in the bladder, which will cause cystitis. The remaining urine is a bacterial source, so that every timeThe discharged urine is polluted again; in addition, too much water will cause the bladder to be tense, thereby increasing the pressure of the urethra and inclusions. The transitioner and mucous membrane of a large amount of water and urethra will be damaged.Large reproduction, causing cystitis.Pigs with cystitis have frequent urination, pain in urination, turbid urine, a large amount of leukocytes, and blood clots in urine urine in the urine.

1. Sow with pig kidney worms: To regularly clean and disinfect the pig house, disinfect the pig house with 10%lime or 3-4%bleaching powder to kill the eggs and larvae on the ground.Pigs were checked and found that the sick pigs were isolated and treated in time.Use 20-30 mg/kg weight to feed the material, feed the material; or Lobrarazole, take 7.5-10 mg/kg weight at a time; use amphobladium silly mimazole, take 20-40 mg/kg at one time.

2. During the delivery, the people of the delivery should cut the nails, clean the hands with soap, then disinfect the arms with the disinfectant, and apply the lubricant to clean the sow’s pussy, curl the hand into a cone cone cone,In shape, slowly extended his hands into the birth canal and held the piglets. As the sow’s responsibility went out, the piglets were pulled out, and the sows were injected with anti -inflammatory drugs to prevent inflammation.

-2 weeks.For example, the prevention of urinary tract infection can be feeded with 2.5%Lommei hoses and 1000g/ton ingredients every day.

4. Kidney function is very important to eliminate toxins in pigs. Therefore, reasonable breeding of sows should feed high -quality feed, not antibiotics for sows, and micro -ecological preparations can be added to the feed to improve the internal environment of the sows, enhance the enhancement of the sowsSowing resistance, can also modify damaged kidney organs with drugs.

5. Sow cystitis can be 50ml of 40%of Ulotpin injection, add the same amount of physiological saline for venous injection, once a day for 3 days.

Maintain the sanitary conditions of the pig house during breeding and childbirth, clean and disinfect the feces of the pig house, and keep it clean and dry to reduce the spread of the pathogen. Pay attention to the treatment and dosage of the sow.In order to prevent damage to the kidneys to the kidneys, pay attention to the vas deferens during the breeding to prevent the piglets from being damaged, and to remove insects to pigs regularly. After the onset, it should be treated in time to prevent the urine from retention, delaying the disease, and causing the bladder to rupture.

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