Do 8 things well during pregnancy. After the baby is born, he is healthy and smart, and the expectant mother hurry up and see

As we all know, the diet of pregnant women is closely related to the health of the fetus.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should cultivate good habits and abandon bad habits before pregnancy, such as smoking, drinking, and staying up late.Pay attention to the healthy and healthy diet, eat more fish and shellfish food, timely supplement folic acid and water, and adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise.In addition, pregnant women must maintain a happy mood, and a happy mood can be transferred to the baby.

1. Supplement folic acid

Folic acid can promote the development of the fetal central nervous system.The daily folic acid that pregnant women need 600 mg.Pregnant women should eat more folic acid -rich foods, such as lentils, spinach, lettuce, etc.

2. Persist in eating breakfast

Breakfast is the most important food of the day. With rich breakfast, it can make a day energetic.

3. Equal diet

During pregnancy, those foods containing high calories should be reduced as much as possible, because in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women only need extra 300 calories in calories.

4. Nutritional snacks

Pregnant women are best to choose snacks that can supplement carbohydrates, protein and fat.For example, all kinds of nuts, dried beans, or tannin with rich protein, fat and cellulose, or tuna without salt and no additives. In addition, popcorn {to make it} is also a good choice.

5. Food fresh and hygienic

Pregnant women should eat fresh sanitary, low -fat, and excluding additives. These foods will bring healthy nutrients to the fetus, thereby ensuring the growth of the fetus.

6. Moderate exercise

Pregnant women should do some exercise daily, and they can choose mild exercises, such as walking and pregnant women.A moderate amount of exercise can alleviate the anxiety of pregnant women and make delivery smoother.

7. Supplement water

Pregnant women should add enough water every day, at least eight glasses of water per day.If you perform exercise, you need to increase the amount of water intake.But pay attention, do not drink drinks containing alcohol.

8. Eat more fish

Pregnant women eat more fish and shellfish foods to help the fetal brain development.Both foods are rich in protein and fatty acids.But avoid fish with high mercury content.Low mercury foods include shrimp, salmon and tuna.If you don’t like fish, you can choose to consume linen seeds and nuts instead.

If pregnant women are balanced, the nutritional absorption of the fetus will also be balanced.In addition to diet, pregnant women should also develop appropriate habits such as exercise and drinking plenty of water.

Only the baby that is born in this way is healthier, and the pregnant mother’s body is more likely to recover.

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