Do not bear fever during pregnancy.

The 25 -year -old Kobayashi (pseudonym) was taken to the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai at 29 weeks of pregnancy.When admission is admitted, hemiplegia and unclear symptoms.After examination, diagnosis is diagnosed with endocarditis.At that time, surgery was needed, otherwise not only the adults, but the baby would be dangerous.

At first glance is a heart problem, many people may think this is born.In fact, the patient did not have heart disease itself because the fever during pregnancy was not treated in time, resulting in bacterial infection in the heart.

Li Feng, director of cardiovascular surgery at the Sixth Hospital, explained that patients started fever at 21 weeks of pregnancy. Because they were afraid of antibiotics, they would have side effects on the baby, so they did not go to the hospital and carried themselves.The fever is intermittent and has not recovered.At 29 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms of stroke appeared. I started to speak clearly. I went to the local hospital for treatment and did not improve. Finally, I came to Shanghai.

"Pregnant women should pay special attention to fever. Although antibiotics cannot be eaten randomly, they are not absolutely not eaten." Li Feng emphasized that if bacterial infections cause fever, forbearance is not good.Pregnant women like this are not an example due to fever caused by fever.The correct approach should be to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department.Even antibiotics have less impact on the fetus.It is likely that adults and children are in danger due to infection in the end.

At that time, to keep adults and children, you need heart surgery during pregnancy.Li Feng admits that cardiac surgery requires in vitro circulation. This is not a big problem, and technology is already very mature.However, if the patient is a pregnant woman, it will increase the difficulty when the in vitro circulation, not only to protect the mother, but also the baby.Fortunately, the operation was successful.Patients took a period of time after surgery, and a baby was produced by a cesarean section at 37 weeks.

There is an old saying that having a child is a foot stepping into the coffin.In the era of immature technology, the risk of having children is indeed very high.Nowadays, technology is mature, and the danger of having children is greatly reduced, but it does not mean that there is no risk.Dangerous women have been available in the year. Once pregnant women have some internal and surgery mergers during pregnancy, if they are not handled by the merger of internal and surgery, the obstetrics and gynecology hospital cannot handle it, and they will be transferred to the corresponding dangerous pregnant maternal consultation and rescue center for treatment.There are currently 5 centers in Shanghai, namely Renji Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, First People’s Hospital, Sixth People’s Hospital, and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.

Huang Yajuan, chief physician of the Sixth Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology, explained that there are actually a series of indicators in dangerous maternal mothers, which have diverse clinical manifestations."Some have heart diseases, and some have no problems in their bodies, but those who occur during pregnancy and renal failure during pregnancy. There will also be tumors during pregnancy, and there are some abdominal pain for unknown causes."

Many pregnant women may hang the emergency department for abdominal pain for unknown reasons.The ICU of the Sixth Hospital had previously treated a foreign pregnant woman and was referred from the obstetrics and gynecology hospital to the sixth hospital due to abdominal pain.Li Yingchuan, director of the Department of Critical Medicine, told reporters that there are many causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy.At that time, the situation of the pregnant woman first considered whether it was the kidney.No, consider whether it is an intestinal problem.I found the ultrasound doctor for consultation and finally decided to detect.Fortunately, the fetus had been 34 weeks at the time, and the cesarean section was available in advance.

Huang Yajuan said that pregnancy is a relatively special time period. In addition to preparing for cardiopulmonary function during pregnancy, it is also necessary to do a good job of checking during pregnancy, and always pay attention to physical changes.Some abnormalities may not be manifested immediately, and it is difficult for pregnant women to notice itself.

Li Yingchuan recalled that ICU also received a pregnant woman.I didn’t look at a problem and jumped alive, but there were venous thrombosis on the intestinal mucosa.Pregnant women live in the ICU. In order to prevent thrombosis, anticoagulant therapy is needed.But anticoagulant therapy may have the risk of hemorrhage.Don’t look at the pregnant woman’s own spirit, but is always in danger.

Huang Yajuan admits that the diagnosis and treatment of critical pregnant women is not simple.Fortunately, the baby mortality rate of Shanghai in 2016 was 3.67 ‰, and the maternal mortality rate was 551/100,000, which maintained the lowest level in the world.

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