Do not worry about expectant mothers who have experienced abortion, tell you what to pay attention to when you are pregnant again?

Faced with the arrival of a small life, expectant mothers are full of joy and expectation, but if there is an experience of abortion before, whether it is pregnant or in the way of IVF, will it affect the health of the baby’s health?Woolen cloth?

In fact, you do n’t have to worry about it, and you do n’t have to stay in bed all the time. In this way, the opposite will be unfavorable to the baby ’s growth. As long as the relevant examination is conducted on a regular basis, you can get pregnant with a relaxed and happy mentality.

So when it comes to checking, what are the inspections that need to be noted?

First of all, you need to do sperm examination, because the early abortion is mostly sperm, and the eggs are abnormal or the fertilized egg abnormalities. However, because the egg examination is difficult, it can only be performed for sperm examination.

The second is chromosomal examination, because chromosomal abnormalities are also particularly common in natural miscarriage, and then the test of mothers’ bodies, which mainly understand whether you have infection, endocrine and immunity.Your nutrition is lacking or excessive smoking, drinking, etc., you will not pass the check in this inspection.

The last is environmental inspection, reproductive organs, and blood type examinations. The intention of it is to understand whether the environment between the two parties is in contact with the harmful substances such as lead, mercury and other harmful substances, whether there is a lesion that affects pregnancy, and the ABO/RH of the husband and wife’s ABO/RHBlood type and related antibodies, etc., speculate whether maternal and infant blood types may be unsuitable.

Generally speaking, after early abortion, it is recommended to get pregnant after three menstrual cycles of contraception. The contraception time of late abortion should be longer. Waiting for the uterus to be better recovered.Foods such as fish, meat, eggs and soy products are rich in protein, and vitamin -rich vegetables, thereby strengthening the body’s resistance to the disease and accelerating the repair of damaged organs.

To maintain adequate rest time, you should pay attention to rest whether it is before or after pregnancy. Specific mothers can appropriately reduce outdoor sports and maintain a pleasant and comfortable mood and sufficient sleep. Pay special attention not to stay up late!

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