Do n’t throw any pots on the dog, especially when you are pregnant and you ca n’t raise dogs like dogs …

In many traditional families, as long as they have pets, the first thing after pregnancy is how to place pets?The impact of pets on pregnant women!Can’t continue raising?Therefore, the topic of this issue is rigorous, so it is just a discussion, there is no guidance!

First of all, let’s Baidu first, and then talk about this problem!

Baidu Health is minding that allergies to dog hair cannot be kept. There is also a infection of "Toxoplasma".You can see popular science as soon as you search, or you can directly Baidu, search will be displayed like this!The main point of the bowworm is a cat. Instantly, the dog has been carrying the pot, and the dog is too difficult!

At this time, boys will say: Even if there is a probability of one ten thousandths, but if you are responsible for one of the families of the 10,000 thousand, can you be responsible for?

Generally, girls will think like this: I have n’t got married yet, and the elders have begun to say that I ca n’t be beautiful dogs in the future. Send the dog away.

Put a word here: If you do n’t raise dogs before pregnancy, do n’t raise dogs after pregnancy.If you have been raised before pregnancy, if you have trained and your personality is stable, of course, you can continue to raise.

One: Choose to send the dog away

We discuss this issue without moral abduction. If you raise a dog before you are pregnant, you have to know that you have to be responsible for the dog, and you are also responsible.Because at that time you took it back to your little home, and accompanied by your life.So I raised a dog before pregnancy and wanted to send it away after pregnancy.Is it true that you will not be raised anymore or temporarily away!

Two: Choose to stay and continue to raise

Choose the family or parties who continue to stay, especially the newlyweds, may be that two people have said before the dog raising, and never moved to send their own dogs.I feel that the arrival of the dog has made the relationship between the two people get better and better, and I realized in advance a sense of responsibility and the happiness and hard work brought by the dog.

The hard work with dogs is not as good as to bring children, but after you raise dogs, you will find that you are more responsible, patient, and love!There is also an important point to choose to leave the dog with a dog!

The dog has a stable personality and is very good at getting along with you in life, so when the hostess is pregnant, the first thing that thinks of is the warm picture of the dog and the child, not the delivery.It is not ruled out that some large dogs occasionally burst into recklessness, which is not suitable for pregnant women to take care of them alone, so that the family is responsible for the family. At this time, it is where pregnant women pay attention to.

3: Do you have the right to speak?

The last and most important thing is the economic problem!

If you are economically independent, you have your own right to speak, and your personality is consistent with the three views. The families of both parties like pets very much, and parents of both parties are very assured of you.I almost do not interfere with any decisions you make. For example, if you do not interfere with your dog raising, the focus is on the focus of you to raise dogs before marriage, and the habit of raising dogs.

In fact, everyone who has raised dogs knows that when the owner or the family is pregnant, the dog will become very docile.Especially the master, you want to accompany you whatever you do, and you will never take the initiative to hit you or hurt you.

When do you get up and when do you get up? You watch TV with you, eat it with you, and do housework to accompany you quietly.After dinner, the two sons walk together and walk together. For many pregnant women, the dog’s company really reduces a lot of anxiety, the mood will be much better, and there is a lot of happiness.

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