Do you dare to drink this kind of milk tea?Another "Internet celebrity" store was ordered to shut down and rectify!

Not long ago

Hangzhou Linglaihe Trading Co., Ltd. Lakeside Branch

Mold and stains due to the bamboo tube equipped with milk tea

Being in the local market regulatory authorities

Fined 28,000 yuan

Sentence information display ↓

"There are several bamboo tubes in the store stored in the shop, and the inner wall of the bamboo tube can be visible to the inner wall of the bamboo tube with mildew spots or stains."

"The parties use tap water brushing for bamboo tubes, and they are put into use without disinfection."

The bottom of the bamboo tube of milk tea is moldy

Also attract a lot of attention

These moldy, unintentional bamboo tubes

What is the situation of food safety?

Food and Safety Office of Xiamen City, Fujian Province

Give the answer 答

Recently, the Office of the Food Safety Committee of the Xiamen City in Fujian Province conducted an assault inspection of multiple bamboo milk tea shops in local popular attractions.

Bamboo Block Milk Tea Store, Dazhong Road, Xiamen City

Law enforcement officers checked the qualifications and purchase notes of the shop’s bamboo tube suppliers. The store can provide a test report from bamboo tube manufacturers.

Therefore, the law enforcement officer randomly selected a bamboo tube that the clerk said "has been cleaned and disinfected". Please ask the staff of a third -party sampling institution to use the ATP fluorescent detector for a quick detection. The results show that:

The total number of bamboo tube colonies detected as high as 1501, which is 50 times the standard value (not higher than 30)!

The sampling personnel immediately tested the total number of colonies of another bamboo tube, with a value of 808, which is still far exceeding the standard value.The sampling person sampled the bamboo tube and brought it back to the laboratory to further test the pathogenic bacteria.

According to the clerk of the island bamboo tube milk tea shop, the bamboo tube used in the shop is purchased from other places, and they will clean and disinfect them in the store.However, when the food Antiqin team proposed to check how the staff disinfected the bamboo tube, the staff said that the equipment was broken and just sent it to repair, and said that the disposable paper cup suit was used in the bamboo tube during the transition period.

At present, it is ordered to stop business and rectify due to the total number of bamboo tube tea shop detected the total number of bamboo tube colonies.

Total number of colonies

It is a indicator of microorganisms, not a pathogenic germ indicator, reflecting the sanitary condition of food in the production process.If the total number of colonies of food exceeds the standard, it will destroy the nutritional content of food and lose the value of food; it will also accelerate food corruption and deterioration, which may endanger human health.

The Food Special Qin team reminds the milk tea shop merchants that in the process of choosing a bamboo tube, they should ask the supplier to obtain a business license and a certificate of disinfection.

At the same time, consumers remind consumers that when drinking milk tea, choose containers that meet food safety standards.

Transfer: China Consumer News

Source: Red Net

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