Do you do not let the whistle in the urban area?

Original title: Driving in urban areas does not allow whistle. What should I do with safety risks?The reporter investigated the implementation effect of the "banning order" in Changsha City

On June 15th, the "Notice on the Implementation of Motor Vehicles for Motor Vehicles for Motor Vehicles in Changsha City" (hereinafter referred to as Changsha Urban District), "The Ming area expands to the enclosure area of "Ring City High Speed+Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao High Speed".At the same time, Changsha Traffic Police launched a special rectification operation in the forbidden area of the forbidden area. The offenders will be fined 100 yuan by investigating illegal whistle through the method of "on -site investigation and punishment+electronic capture".

After the official implementation of the "banning order" in Changsha City, the Internet Red City, it immediately aroused extensive social concern and heated discussion.

A reporter from the "rule of law" recently investigated found that although the Changsha traffic police responded to the hot discussion that "forbidden" is not the purpose, its core significance is to guide the driver to develop good driving habits, reduce traffic noise pollution, and promote urban traffic civilization; although notYoung citizens think that driving chaos is indeed uncivilized, and there is a need for the banned horn in the urban area, but there are many netizens who think that many times the speaker is because someone occupies the road or adds the plus.Solving these road problems?There are also some car owners to make "tricks", and use votular whistle, little yellow duck, and even directly sip alternative methods to make various sound instead of whistle, causing onlookers.

A number of legal experts, scholars and legal practitioners reminded in an interview with reporters that the punishment that violates the "banning order" of Changsha urban areas should not be simple and stiff. Specific analysis of specific problems in law enforcement should be established.Supporting management measures are not punished for the whistle and safety warning whistle of the security needs.

Driver is worried that it is difficult to change the habit

Do not allow whistle or raw risk

"Since the provisions of the ban on the horn have been introduced, it must be observed, but what should I do in the face of some green lights that have not moved for a long time?"

"There are a lot of ‘low heads’ now. Some pedestrians look down at mobile phones and run through red lights when crossing the road. Some car owners often bow their heads to play mobile phones when they wait for red lights, and red lights become green a hurry."

"Drive at some narrow paths, and you will habitually whistle in the intersection to prevent some traffic accidents. In some blind spots of vision, flutes are often alert to prevent the whistle."


In the past few days, the reporter visited the streets of Changsha on the streets of Changsha. Many drivers admitted that the "banning order" in the urban area suddenly caused the horn to lose its original effect -a function that was very important according to the speaker was to remind passersby to pay attention to the vehicle.Let pedestrians pay attention to the distance from the vehicle.Especially in the blind spot of vision, the role of the speaker is very large.

After the whistle is prohibited, in the face of some emergencies, how to avoid risks, many drivers also expressed concerns.

"This rule is too strange. Many electric vehicles go. The driver does not remind the horn, and he will come up accidentally." Mr. Li, the owner, received a ticket because of the violation of the whistle.

"At work, there are too many vehicles, and the traffic environment is too complicated. Sometimes it may cause a traffic accident to not follow the horn." Mr. Wang, the owner, said that during the peak of the commuting, the traffic traffic was very large.Facing such complicated road conditions, sometimes I can’t control the speaker a few times."What if I don’t press the horn, what should I do if there is an accident?"

A Master Li, who has been driving for more than 20 years, said that some non -motor vehicles such as electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and other non -motor vehicles in the urban area are arbitrarily driving at will.It is difficult to prompt safety risk.

At the same time, many drivers believe that sometimes the whistle is unbearable: "For example, there are pedestrians, non -motorized vehicles, and unwilling to penetrate the road without notice the vehicle. Pressing the speaker is to remind them to pay attention to safety."

During the interview, many drivers admitted to reporters that they really needed to adapt to the "banning order" in the urban area for a while: "Usually driving quickly, sometimes the red light turns green and the front car has not left.They are all habitually whistle. And I have to tweet a few times, for fear that the other party will not hear it. "

Many drivers predict that the habit of changing the whistle is estimated to pay some "tuition fees".

In addition, some drivers have put forward some views on the evidence collection of illegal acts: For traffic violations such as illegal parking, illegal trails, etc., the use of electronic police or police can take evidence collection with the law enforcement recorder, and illegal whistle can only rely on the traffic police to rely on the traffic policeGet evidence on the spot.

The reporter noticed that some car owners posted videos on the network platform: by blowing whistle, or directly opening the window to urge the drink, or hold the duckling duck to make a harsh sound, tease the "banning order", no?Little likes and reposts, comments.

Traffic police response to centralized rectification

In the event of an emergency, you can roll with a flute

Can’t the whistle in any circumstances in the banned area?What should I do if there is an emergency?Will the forbidden sound affect driving safety?In response to these more concentrated issues, the reporter recently interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Changsha Traffic Police Detachment.

The person in charge stated that when delineating the forbidden area, it fully considered the area of Changsha City, traffic flow, and facilitating the masses to understand and master, and regulated the situation of allowing the horn.The "banning order" in Changsha City was promulgated on May 15th and implemented on June 15th. It has left a month of publicity and publicity.

The person in charge told reporters that the Changsha Traffic Police will set up a number of "motor vehicles chaotic law enforcement equipment" in schools, hospitals, passenger stations, and residential communities in the Forbidden area.And send illegal reminder SMS to the owner simultaneously.

Before June 15th, for the publicity and education stage, just sending prompt messages to illegal drivers without punishment; after the official implementation of the Changsha urban area on June 15, Changsha Public Security Traffic Police launched the motor vehicle in the forbidden area.In the special rectification operation, the durable teams in the urban area organize twice a day to carry out two remediations, and carry out rectification operations in multi -shot areas such as the main and secondary roads, schools, and residential communities.At the same time, the mobile car rally capture equipment is used to enforce the enforcement.

The reporter learned that after a month of publicity and education, the phenomenon of flute phenomena in the forbidden area has declined significantly.According to statistics, from May 15th to June 14th, the motor vehicle banning equipment of the motor vehicle in Changsha City has captured 11298 motor vehicle horn and sent 11,298 prompt information to the owner.The first week (May 15th to 21st) took 3,335, and 2,217 were captured within a week from June 8th to 14th, and the total number of horn fell by 33.5%.

According to reports, the traffic police currently punish the driver of the luminous area of the forbidden area.However, motor vehicles in the banned area horn are traffic violations that apply "first violation warnings". As long as the motor vehicle and driver have no traffic violations in the province in the first half of the province in the first half of this illegal, and the traffic violation occurs this timePreviously, the previous traffic illegal records have been dealt with, and it will be warned of this illegal act, without fines and scores.

The person in charge told reporters that the banned speaker was not a simple "one -size -fits -all".The notice clearly stipulates that in accordance with Article 59, paragraph 2 of the Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the section of the motor vehicle is close to the rough bend and the top of the ramp.Except for the situation of the time of the speaker.Police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, and vehicles approved by the troops vehicle management department to install alarm and hang troops number plates can use the specified speakers and alerts when they perform emergency tasks.

The "emergency situation" here refers to: when emergency avoidance or rescue of crisis, the horn does not signal the situation that may cause danger or damage.

Ma Chao, the person in charge of the Education Division of the Changsha Traffic Police Division, said that the Changsha Traffic Police has always adhered to humanized law enforcement, unified legal effects and social effects. During the law enforcement process, for the specific reasons for the driver’s horn, the police would fully listen to the parties’ complaints from the complaints of the parties.And defense, make judgments and handling according to the specific situation of the scene.At present, the behavior of motor vehicles in the forbidden area horn is still mainly based on criticism education and warning.

In the process of specific law enforcement, the law enforcement traffic police will make judgments and handling according to the specific circumstances of the driver’s complaint and defense. If the driver still has objections, he may appeal to the legal system of the traffic police brigade.

The relevant person in charge of the Changsha Traffic Police Detachment said that the traffic police will fully consider the necessity of whistle under certain circumstances, seek a balance point in terms of traffic safety and noise control, take into account the needs and interests of all parties, and launch a series of more scientificization., Refined and humanized management measures bring more well -being to urban transportation development and improving the living environment.

The reporter learned that the provisions of the "prohibiting motor vehicle horn" are not unique to Changsha.The provincial capitals around Hunan, such as Guiyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Nanchang have already launched banned measures.Many cities such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc. have also launched prohibited regulations, or banned the city, or forbidden to make a surround area with the surrounding high -speed (outer ring line).However, the "banning orders" of these cities did not cause such extensive social attention and heated discussion like the Internet celebrity city Changsha.

Experts suggest refine the rules

Scientific law enforcement also has temperature

"In response to this move, there are many social discussions. Whether the Changsha City District ‘Banning Order" has fulfilled democratic procedures in accordance with the law before promulgation, such as whether he held a hearing, soliciting experts and public opinions, etc. "said Huang Jie, a professor at Hunan Normal University, said, Changsha City’s resident population is relatively density, vehicle density is also large, and road traffic systems are more complicated. There are often congested road sections. It is not necessary to use the flute to play the function of the vehicle horn to maintain traffic order and safety.And the impact of noise in different sections at different periods is different. Prevention and control measures should be targeted and different from different time periods and different sections.

Huang Jie told reporters that the "except situation" in the "banning order" in Changsha City needs to be scientific and reasonable to combine Changsha Road Transportation Network. A significant sign of the road sections that affect the safety of the safety distance on the top of the slope and the top of the slope should be set up.Easy to identify.Law enforcement should also have a temperature at the same time, and to the greatest possibility of avoiding bias, to prevent the sacrifice of safety value for one -sided pursuit of ecological environmental benefits.At the same time, the whistle of the whistle under the circumstances of highlighting the safety needs, and the punishment of the safety warning, and the specific problems in the law enforcement are analyzed in specific problems.

Li Jian, a lawyer of Hunan Wanhe United Law Firm, said that the prohibition of whistle in urban areas is definitely good for reducing traffic noise and improving the urban transportation environment.But there are certain suddenness, concealment, and even urgent situations.Whether the owner constitutes an illegal law and whether the illegal law that it is caused by himself requires the relevant departments to improve the sons capture law enforcement equipment? This is the key to ensuring that this system is effectively implemented.

Peng Zhen, a lawyer of the Hunan Tongcheng Law Firm, also proposed that the traffic violation in the Wusing District is sudden and occasional. Because of its instantaneous and incomplete definition of illegal state, it has difficulty in discovery and difficulty in obtaining evidence.Difficulties in punishment, these problems need to be resolved.

At the same time, highway occupation operations have been banned.Highway occupation operations are easy to lead to traffic microcirculation infarction. Difficulty in driving and difficulty. Non -traffic occupation of some road sections is very serious. It is difficult to pass the vehicle without horn. What should I do?

"Some pedestrians and non -motorized vehicles are worn messy, crossing the road, occupying motor lanes, and motor vehicles cannot drive normally, causing motor vehicle drivers to press the horn." Peng Zhen saidPublicity is exposed to typical illegal acts to enhance the traffic safety awareness of traffic participants.

Peng Zhen reminded that the owner will propose corresponding objections during the law enforcement process. It is also hoped that the law enforcement agency will provide comprehensive technical explanations while providing corresponding objective evidence, so that the owner can effectively recognize illegal errors.Gradually pass the case of punishment, so as to have a good warning effect on the entire society.

During the interview, many drivers and citizens said that "banning" in urban areas cannot be simply banned, and a series of more scientific, refined and humanized supporting management measures are needed.At the same time, it is necessary to further enhance the scientific and rationality of urban development planning, improve the level of refined management of urban transportation, guide the whole society to form a stronger traffic civilization consensus, and promote the progress of urban civilization.(Reporter Ruan Zhanjiang Shuaibiao)

Source: Rule of Law Daily

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