Do you drink 8 kinds of flower tea in the Qingming tea season?

Before and after Qingming,

Infinite spring light,

It is the good time.

Peach blossoms, pear blossoms, rapeseed flowers are blooming together, and there must be many relatives who take the flowers to enjoy the flowers.In Qingming, in addition to enjoying flowers, you can also pick tea ~~

Most of the good tea leaves are picked around the Qingming Festival. The tea picked by Qingming is called Mingqian tea. It is less disturbed by insect pests.

When it comes to tea, you have to talk about flower tea ~

In this warm weather,

If you drink a cup of flowers to cook tea,

It can be described as a beautiful thing.

TCM health care pays attention to the unity of heaven and man, the spring corresponds to the liver phase, and the liver joy reaches evil depression.The weather before and after Qingming is easy to repeat, and it is easy to make people feel depressed.At this time, drinking flower tea has the effects of relieving liver and relieving depression and strengthening the body.

Camellia is a unique tea in my country. With its elegant and fragrant aroma and mellow and fresh taste, it is loved by everyone.

In the strict sense, the flower tea is made of black tea, green tea or oolong tea, and a variety of fragrant flower cellar.

But use roses, jasmine, chrysanthemums, etc., plus boiling water (preferably glassware), can also be described as flower tea.

Camellia is not only good -looking, but also

And the effect of health care!

Let me give you a few kinds of flower tea below ~

Dry liver and depression


It tastes sweet, slightly bitter, and warm.Good at relieving liver relief and relieving depression, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

It can be used for pre -breast tenderness, gastric pain, and trauma swelling and pain.

Green plum blossom

Taste slightly sour, astringent, and flat.Good at relieving liver and depression, and in the middle, phlegm.

Can be used to threaten the pain, phlegm depression, etc.


It tastes, slightly sweet, warm.Good at relieving liver relief, dampness and middle.

It can be used to threaten the pain, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Promoting blood circulation

Rose flower

It tastes sweet and warm.Good for promoting blood circulation, relieving liver and relieving depression, relieving swelling and detoxifying.

Can be used for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, chest pain, and bruises.


Weixin, warm nature.Good at moving blood circulation, removing stasis, and relieving pain and relieving pain.

Can be used for dysmenorrhea, low menstrual flow, swelling and pain.

Clearing heat


It is schizophrenic, sweet, bitter, and slightly cold.Good at evacuating wind heat, clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing the liver and clear eyes.

Can be used for wind and heat, dizziness headache, red eyes, swelling and pain.

Chrysanthemums are also divided into yellow chrysanthemums and white chrysanthemums. Yellow chrysanthemums have good effects on wind and heat, clearing heat and detoxifying, and white chrysanthemum clearing liver and bright eyes.


Sweet and cold.Good at clearing heat and detoxifying, evacuating wind and heat.

Can be used for skin sores, windy wind heat, and sores.

Locust flower

The taste is bitter and slightly cold.Good at cooling blood and hemostasis, clearing liver and diarrhea.

Can be used for hemorrhoid bleeding, red headache, etc.

"Drugs and foods", flower tea is also a type of Chinese medicine. When drinking is right, he is fit and fit.

If you don’t know which kind of flower tea you are suitable for, you can consult a professional Chinese medicine doctor.


Flower tea has almost all drugs, and it is not advisable to change frequently. One to prevent the use of utility, and the other is to prevent the effect too much damage to physical health.

Rose flowers and black flower tea have the effect of promoting blood circulation, and pregnant women should not drink.Chrysanthemum tea is relatively cold, and people with cold spleen and stomach are not suitable for drinking.

In addition, the flower tea should be used for drinking, and it cannot drink overnight tea.Before drinking flower tea, you must learn about the efficacy and precautions of flower tea from a traditional Chinese doctor.

(Content comprehensive: People’s Daily Online)

(To ensure that the content is accurate, this article has passed the doctor’s professional level)

It turns out that drinking flower tea is so much particular,

I know how to drink now ~


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