Do you get fat for pregnancy?wrong!Bao Ma Xiaolin was thin, and couldn’t help but praise her wit

Last fall, I saw my cousin Kobayashi who had just been pregnant with the second child. She was the standard post -90s girl. She especially loved beauty. When she first went to college, she also liked to make up.

But she looks a little haggard now. What is even more terrible is that she is fat. It is not the kind of girl that I have gaining a few pounds today. She suddenly gains tens of pounds.The stomach of the second child for two months was swollen like a huge doll, and his thighs were obviously thick.

She also seemed to care about her bloated figure. Everyone felt that she was pregnant with her second child, and she was particularly hard to bring her two -year -old two treasures. She also made her rest well.The problem of weight loss.

Until this summer, when I saw the cousin who had just given birth to Erbao in my hometown, I found that she restored her good figure again. This surprised me.How does my cousin restore their figure?

① Do not eat too much supplement food. During pregnancy, in order to health in the future, many mother -in -law will always make a lot of supplements to daughter -in -law.However, excessiveness is likely to cause pregnant women to obese severe obesity during pregnancy.

② Do not eat snacks and supper. During the pregnancy, pregnant women have a greater fluctuations. Many times the appetite will increase. Eating more things will not only play the role of supplementary nutrition, but also cause excessive obesity of the fetus and eventually difficult to give birth.

③ After the fetus is stable in the middle and late pregnancy, appropriate exercise can be done. These exercises are conducive to the health of Baoma, and will also increase the strength of Baoma to prepare for the next pregnancy.

④ The three meals should be quantitative regularly, so that Bao Ma’s gastrointestinal burden can be reduced, allowing the body to adapt to the process of giving birth to children. Such a pregnancy process allows pregnant mothers to have no longer meat and get rid of the dilemma of pregnancy and gain.

Speaking of which, Kobayashi smiled happily.The second child she gave birth to was a very cute and lively little girl, and she was not afraid of being born at all, and was very healthy.Looking at the body and figure that he gradually recovered, Kobayashi is full of hope for his future family life.

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