Do you have no menstruation during breastfeeding? Will you get pregnant unexpectedly?Doctor explain this way

For the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy, the husband and wife will be very restrained for the same room. After giving birth to a baby, everyone will still be very concerned about this issue. Especially when the mothers are not menstruation during lactating mothers, will there be no measures in the same room to get pregnant?IntersectionIn fact, there is no menstruation during breastfeeding. It is possible to get pregnant unexpectedly, because the mother’s body will start ovulation in the first two weeks of menstruation. If at this time, the same room is likely to be pregnant, so breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to this problem.In addition, do not ignore the following things.

Lack of milk

After the baby is born, the mother should prescribe milk in time to let the baby eat breast milk instead of milk powder, because the first bite of breast milk is rich in nutrition, containing a large amount of immune substances is very important for the baby, and if the mother is not timely, the mother is not timely.Pubnecting milk may also cause insufficient milk secretion.When the baby was given breast milk, the baby’s sucking may not be enough, which will also affect the secretion of mothers’ milk. Mom can use breast pumps to "suck" the nipples, stimulate breasts, increase milk secretion, and choose to suck milk.During the device, the natural breast pump will bring a more comfortable experience to the mother.


When breastfeeding is given to the baby, it is also a problem that many mothers will encounter. The baby eats milk, and the breast on the other side will continue to flow out of milk.This will not only waste the baby’s food, but also stain the mother’s clothes, and the wet and sticky clothes will be particularly uncomfortable to stick to the mother’s body. In order to prevent this, the mother can breastfeed when she feeds the baby.Using anti -overflowing milk stickers, the mother’s nipples are more delicate, so the anti -overflow sticker is best to use soft and breathable.

Can’t drink

In order to allow the baby to have sufficient breast milk, there will be a saying in some places that let the mother drink rice wine and milk milk. In fact, alcohol does not have milk, but it will affect the secretion of milk. ThereforePay attention to the low.If the mother drinks alcohol, the alcohol will be passed to the baby through milk, and the baby is still small. The body’s metabolic ability to alcohol is very poor. The intake of alcohol in the body will affect the baby’s sleep and breathing, which will damage the baby’s health.

Can’t eat spicy

Pepper is a more irritating food. After the mother eats it, it is easy to get angry. The mother’s body may still be recovering during the lactation.Unwilling, causing his diarrhea or dry stool, some babies also have allergic reactions and rashes on their bodies.

Breastfeeding is an important period for mothers and babies. In order to go through this period, the mother should pay attention to the above things.

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