Do you have the four stages of the most difficult after pregnancy?

“”Seeing this topic, I suddenly thought of the whole process of my twins, from difficult to prepare for all kinds of cautiousness.It is a game, and there is one level after a level, and there are things to pay attention to in each stage.

If you have to summarize the most difficult stage of my pregnancy, I can be divided into four stages:

The first stage: pregnancy vomiting

After pregnancy, hormone changes in the body, and each person’s constitution is different. Because of the twin relationship, my response is relatively strong. From the second month of pregnancy to five months of pregnancy, I did not have no anymore.I vomited, I couldn’t eat anything with the early three months, but the weight was light, I don’t want to vomit.

The second stage: gestational diabetes

This is not a process that every pregnant woman will have. Because there is no appetite in the early stages of pregnancy, I often eat fruits and eat. At that time, it was just summer. The season of many fruits was eaten daily.It was found to be taboos, and then I started to taboo, and it was too difficult to tie the blood sugar twice a day.Therefore, the mothers still have to plan reasonably after pregnancy, do not be like me.

Third stage: back pain

In the late pregnancy period, the fetus continued to grow up. I was a twin belly. I was a circle larger than others. In order to keep the center of gravity move forward, I had to tilt the head and shoulders backwards, the waist is forward, so that the back to the back makes the back on the back, so that the back to the back makes the back on the back, so that the back to the back makes the back on the back.The muscles are in a state of unnatural tension. In the long run, it increases the burden on the waist. I often feel back pain and back pain when walking for a while.

Third stage: stretch marks

This is the problem that I have noticed this early, so I started using stretch marks products for three months of pregnancy. However, in the later stages of pregnancy, my belly was too big.Now that I have given birth to children, my belly can never be returned to the past. This is what I am most unacceptable. I can never wear beautiful belly button.

Therefore, in October, it is easy to conceive at that stage. Pregnant mothers have to go through a lot of difficult stages. The whole process is very hard.But when the baby is born, when the mother sees the baby, she will feel that everything is worth it. Maybe this is the power of mother love!I do n’t know which one is the most difficult time for Bao moms to be pregnant?You can leave a message to share together!

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