Do you have to diagnose the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the bright culture in China and the protector of the Chinese people.

Chinese medicine has made a significant contribution to the prosperity of the Chinese nation!Now it is gradually recognized by the people of the world!

Many people have many misunderstandings about the basic common sense of Chinese medicine!

for example:

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis must be touched!

Traditional Chinese medicine that does not touch the pulse is crooked Chinese medicine!

Doctors who do not touch the pulse are not allowed to treat the disease, and they cannot cure the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine can understand all the diseases of the human body!

Doctors who are well -known for their reputation require the patient to not speak, and to judge all the symptoms and examination signs of the patient in touch!

Touch the pulse to judge the patient’s liver abnormalities, and the kidney skills are abnormal!

Touch the pulse to judge the patient’s cerebral infarction, high blood lipids, high blood sugar!

So and wait, different.

These knowledge and performance 是 Chinese medicine is a great harm!

People often introduce people to misunderstandings to damage the overall image of Chinese medicine and affect the reputation of Chinese medicine practitioners.

This article uses traditional Chinese medicine to feel the pulse as the starting point. It tells those who love Chinese medicine. I believe that some of the basic common sense of Chinese medicine people will help us to promote the development of Chinese medicine together.

Sun Siyi, a famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, was called "the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva".

His article "The Care for the Great Doctor" was hung in the foyers of many well -known hospitals for people to appreciate, and was used as a must -read textbook for Chinese and foreign doctors.He said in his "Preparation for the Earthquake":

"Go to the doctor to listen to the sound, the traditional Chinese medicine is observed, and the doctor will go to the diagnosis."

It can be seen that the medicine king Sun Siyi also believes that the diagnosis is not the first in the process of diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine.

"Difficulty of Sixty -one Difficulty" says: "It is known, it is the god of.

This is the origin of "looking, smelling, asking, cutting" and "God, Sheng, Gong, Qiao".

The diagnosis is the first of the fourth diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine,

The clinic is the touch of the pulse, which is the end of the fourth diagnosis.

Although the four clinics are important, in the fourth clinic, the other three clinics are more important.

Sometimes you can "give up the pulse"

Sometimes you can "leverage the symptoms"

Touching veins are not the only means for Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Many Chinese medicine was dug by some two -pointed "Western Medicine" who was not deeply studying medicine, and they drew into the pit regardless of their body. As a result, they laughed generously, shameful, and damaged the image of Chinese medicine!

For example: pregnant women have slippery pulses, and those who do not learn the way, they can see if women can be diagnosed with the pulse!

As a result, people are often beaten by ingenious people.

Smooth veins are not only the main pregnancy, but also the primary phlegm, stagnation, solid heat and other certificates. At this time, consultation and expectations are very important.

There are two feet in the chicken. We can’t tell in turn, the two feet are chickens.

In the same way, pregnant women have "slippery veins", but we cannot say that pregnant women must be pregnant.

With the advancement of science and technology, the online diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has become fashionable.

Diagnosis of the Internet, "Looking, smelling, asking, cutting", the first three clinics can be performed on the Internet, although it cannot be diagnosed for the patient, there are some regrets.

However, you can read the patient’s examination formula, which can make up for the shortcomings that cannot be diagnosed.

It is still able to grasp the patient’s condition more accurately and receive the ideal treatment effect!

Touching diagnosis is the Peugeotic characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, not the only diagnosis and treatment method.

Some Chinese medicine is good at looking at the diagnosis.

Some traditional Chinese medicine is good at hearing.

Some Chinese medicine is good at consulting.

Some Chinese medicine is good at cutting.

If you trust a doctor, it is best to believe that the doctor’s comprehensive judgment, do not be stubborn from the failure of a certain diagnosis and treatment method to produce relief and skepticism.

The same is true for western medicine diagnosis and treatment. Not all check methods, inspection instruments, and checking equipment are used.

The auscultation of Western medicine is rarely used now!

Sometimes, traditional Chinese medicine can be treated without diagnosis.Such as online diagnosis.

I must declare that this article does not mean that Chinese medicine "pulse diagnosis" is not important!

Instead, in some cases, there are no diagnosis, such as online consultation.

Sometimes the pulse is relieved!

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