Do you have to sleep with the old centimeter bed after pregnancy? Which method is good?What do people say?

After the mother is pregnant, some old people in the family will recommend that the couple sleeps in bed, and they think that this is more conducive to fetal development.Some changes in the mother’s body after pregnancy really make it inconvenient to sleep at night, so do couples need to sleep in bed?There are different views on people with different problems. When discussing, most of them are inseparable from the following points.

The stomach of the pregnant mother is uncomfortable

After pregnancy, the mother’s belly gradually increases, and the action will become more and more difficult, especially in the third trimester, the mother needs more space when she sleeps.It is easy to press the pregnant mother, which may cause harm to the baby.

Prone to insomnia

During pregnancy, the mother’s sleep quality will deteriorate due to physical reasons, so the requirements for the sleep environment will be higher.If the husband snorns next to him or gets up at night to go to the toilet, it is easy to wake up his mother.During pregnancy, my mother was in a big belly and had difficulty falling asleep at first. She finally fell asleep and was awakened. The mother’s heart must be collapsed, and insomnia will not only make the mother’s body worse, look yellow, but also easily affect the body’s body development.

Sex life

Sexual life during pregnancy is a very important issue, related to the health of the fetus.In the early pregnancy, fetal development is not very stable, so it is not recommended that husband and wife have sex, otherwise it may cause abortion.In the middle of pregnancy, the fetal development is gradually stabilized. The husband and wife can perform sexual life appropriately, but they must be gentle. Be careful not to hurt the fetus in the abdomen.In the late pregnancy, sexual life needs to be stopped, otherwise it is easy to make the fetus premature.

Husband and wife feelings

Some people say that the husband and wife sleeping in bed will affect the relationship between the husband and wife, because it takes nearly a year to be pregnant to have children, and after giving birth to a baby, the mother will put more thoughts on the baby, which will have some impact on the relationship between the husband and wife.If both the husband and wife need to work during the day of pregnancy, the time for staying together is very short. When I go to bed at night, you can communicate with the relationship. If you go to bed in the bed, the two people will not communicate for a long time to make the couple gradually fade, soAffects the relationship between the two people.

I think there is no need to sleep in bed during pregnancy. Moms are prone to uncomfortable body during pregnancy. If there is any situation at night if there is any situation in bed, the husband is not around to take care of it in time.If you are worried that sleeping at night and over the mother’s belly, your husband can be careful when he sleeps.Everyone in modern society is very busy, and there is only time to calm down to communicate with each other at night, so the emotional communication before bedtime is still important for couples.So, do you think you need to sleep in bed during pregnancy?

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