Do you know about the precautions for taking pregnant women’s photos?

More and more prospective mothers want to leave some special memories to themselves and their babies by taking pictures of pregnant women, and record the beautiful memories of her in October.However, there are many matters that pregnant women are different from other camera people.The professional photographer of Tongyuan Photography Group tells you some precautions.

Choice of shooting time: Pregnant women’s photos are not better than our ordinary people’s life. They are changing every day, and the physical strength and belly size of each period are different.Therefore, it is important to choose a correct time to take a pregnant woman.The best time for pregnant women to take photos is between 28 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy. The belly surrounds more than 2 feet 8. At this time, the belly has a certain scale. At this time, the expectant mothers are relatively flexible.It will be too bulky and more powerful, and the motherly love shown by pregnant women during this time is even more obvious. The whole person will be filled with the glory of maternal love.However, do not have more than 36 weeks at the latest, because of more than 36 weeks, the fetal movement is relatively powerful.

Choice of clothing: Due to the special reasons of pregnant women, it is recommended to wear high -waisted skirts or pants that can be adjusted to avoid squeezing to the baby.Clothing must be cleaned. At the same time, it is recommended not to choose accessories and clothing containing more odor.When wearing dew -belly clothes, in order to take pictures convenient, you need to wear low waist underwear.Underwear and underwear you wear before pregnancy, so you need to bring your own underwear before taking pictures.

The choice of makeup styling: Many expectant mothers who are going to take pictures of pregnant women will ask such a question, that is, should not make makeup when taking pictures of pregnant women?Pregnant women pay attention to nature according to makeup. The focus is on highlighting the happiness of pregnant women to bred life. Moms are not advisable to make makeup too strong. Because it is mainly light makeup, the foundation should not be too heavy.Foundation will make the shooting look bloated.

Pay attention to rest and nutrition: In view of the physical strength of expectant mothers, you must rest the day before taking pictures.On the day of taking pictures, you can prepare some snacks to replenish physical strength.In the process of taking pictures, if you feel that you ca n’t eat physical strength, you can ask the staff to wait for it.

During the shooting, it is best to accompany the family to relax the mood of pregnant women.

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