Do you know men and women during pregnancy?6 catties and half a female treasure mother share their experience, the prospective mother is coming to get pregnant

My little father -in -law is now in a few months. Recently, the cousin who just pregnant with the second child mentioned all kinds of reactions during pregnancy, so I summarized it for everyone to share it.

1. During pregnancy, I vomit less pregnancy during pregnancy, only vomiting twice, lethargic.It is said that the response of the women’s pregnancy vomiting is not obvious, this is paired.

The skin condition during pregnancy is good. Although I have never used skin care products, people around said that the skin has become white.At the same time, another friend was pregnant with a rough yellow skin and a male treasure after birth.The skin of the female treasure is better, and it is right.

The appetite is very good throughout pregnancy, especially eating, weight gain a lot, and has increased by more than 40 pounds before giving birth.Women’s Bao gains more weight, and it is right.

2. There are fetal dreams in the middle and later stages of fetal dreams, dreaming of a little snake.Dream snakes have male treasures, and are not allowed.

And just two days before the baby was born, I dreamed of herself with different girls for two consecutive nights. This feeling was that the mother and daughter were in mind, and their minds were sensible.

3. Sour men and spicy women are afraid of eating chili during pregnancy.When you stir -fry the soup, you only add salt without other condiments, you will add some vinegar, or usually eat some oranges, etc. to enhance your appetite.Because it is a diet that deliberately arranged, the sour girl said that it was not allowed.

4. Early in the belly, the stomach is greater than others in the second trimester. In addition, the belly is particularly prominent, and the belly looks particularly prominent. People around them think they are twins.The stomach is relatively down, looking at the pointed one.The belly shape is not right.

5. The pregnancy line is obvious from the middle stage. From the chest to the bottom of the navel, a very dark and thick line.During the late pregnancy, nipple and areolas also became dark, and it was not until the baby was born after the baby was born.Women’s pregnancy line color is light and not right.

6. The fetal heart test of the fetal heart is 140 or more in the middle and late stages of the fetal heart, sometimes 150.Nurbo’s fetal heart frequency is faster than male treasure, right.

7. The baby will report to the baby after six days before the baby will be reported.On the morning of the baby’s birth, I also deliberately went to the nearby hill with Bao Dad to climb the mountain, and I started it until I came back until the evening.Women’s Baobi is delayed, right.

8. The symptoms before childbirth were found to be red the night before, and it started to pain, and it was not broken until the afternoon of the next day.Women’s Bao saw the red forefront, and it was right.

In fact, it is the same for many family female treasures and men, but the expectant parents will inevitably have the vision and fantasies of their future babies. These symptoms vary from person to person and are for reference only.

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