Do you know the normal reference value of HCG and progesterone?What is the relationship between the two?

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Patients: 52 days, progesterone value is more than 18 points, HCG value is more than 8,000, but the doctor still said that the value is low. How much is it?It was more than 15 o’clock and more than 2000 when 39 days.

Doctor: Generally speaking, women are 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. The progesterone value is 24.5-28.6, and the HCG value is 6-8 weeks 15000-200,000 units.The 52 -day progesterone value is relatively low and the HCG value is relatively low.As we all know, low progesterone and HCG are prone to miscarriage, but if there are no symptoms (symptoms of abortion or fetal discontinuation), low HCG and progesterone are not necessarily abortion.However, it is certain that you should go to a specialist hospital for appropriate tire protection treatment in case.


1. What is the normal value of HCG after pregnancy?

On the 6th day after the fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishment layer formed and secreted a small amount of HCG. When the fertilization was 7-8 days, the HCG could be detected in the blood after the impulse was imposed.The amount of nourishing cells is proportional.Early pregnancy secretion increased rapidly. By 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, the peak was at the peak of 1 to 2 weeks.

2. HCG reference value diagram

HCG grows very fast in early pregnancy, which is doubled in about 1.7-2 days. By the highest peak of serum concentration at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, it continues to fall rapidly after 12 weeks, and then maintain a certain level.

PS: When ultrasound in early pregnancy, the pregnancy results can be predicted by detecting blood HCG to predict the pregnancy ending, and the blood can be continuously monitored (generally 48-72 hours can be obtained by the test results).


1. What is normal progesterone after pregnancy?

E progression is secreted by nourishing cells and luteum before 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and mainly from the placenta after 8-10 weeks.The amount of progesterone gradually increased during the entire pregnancy, and the rise in the early stages of pregnancy was slow. In the middle period, it accelerated. By the peak of full -term pregnancy, serum progesterone was quite stable within 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.The change in the amount of progesterone is a reliable indicator to measure whether the luteal function and the development of the placenta.

2. How does the progesterone value change after pregnancy?

The reference value (Ng/ml) of the 1-3 week of pregnant women is 4.7-50.7; the reference value (NG/ML) of the 4-6 week: 19.4-95.3.In short, under normal pregnancy, the progesterone value should be: 63.4-94.5 during early pregnancy, 95-150 during pregnancy; at 150-1500 during late pregnancy.

Reference value of progesterone value

HCG and progesterone functions

HCG, progesterone, natural abortion triangle relationship

Experts said that the serum HCG level of abnormal pregnancy patients is lower than the normal pregnancy of the same day of pregnancy, and grows slowly, and does not even increase or decrease.In early pregnancy, progesterone levels rose with the rise of HCG levels.Once HCG secretion occurs, it will lead to a reduction in the luteal function of ovarian pregnancy, insufficient progesterone levels, difficulty maintaining normal pregnancy, and eventually causing natural miscarriage.

1. HCG doubles very good progesterone decreases

HCG doubles, and progesterone has decreased, which shows that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG to promote progesterone is not good.If this situation is conditional, you can lie down and try to lie. As long as the progesterone is not particularly low, you can keep your fetus without replenishment.

2. Normal HCG is not good at normal HCG

Weltone is normal, but HCG has doubled, and this is very small.Because HCG promotes the generation of progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good.We specifically explain the following from two situations:

(1) Peridone is normal, and HCG doubles "relatively" bad ".What do you mean, that is, you go to test one day. The value goes up but it does not reach multiple. It is so bad that it is relatively bad.If your HCG is already tens of thousands of, then it is not so fast at first, and the speed will drop, it is normal.

(2) Normal progesterone, HCG doubles "absolutely" bad.It is absolutely not good, that is, the value is in one range. For example, 8 days, only doubled, this situation is not very wonderful.First of all, to exclude ectopic pregnancy, and then there may be problems with embryos. Now many hospitals only supplement progesterone, rarely supplement HCG, because HCG is likely to be bad in the embryo itself, and the value of tire protection is not high.

3. Periodone decreases HCG and doubling is not good

HCG does not double but decreases, and progesterone is also decreasing. In this case, doctors suggest that you keep your fetus first. If you still have no improvement after taking tire preservation measures, you will suggest that you give up as soon as possible and do abortion.

Because in this case, it is most likely that the embryo itself is not good, and it is meaningless to protect the fetus.If the fetus is forced to keep the fetus, even if the fetus is successful, the fetus will face more tests during the later pregnancy, and it will even encounter a fetal stop. When the abortion is done later, the expectant mothers will add a danger.

The synergy of HCG and progesterone

On the one hand, the embryo obtain nutrients, and on the other hand to ensure the safety of the embryo, so it is indispensable.HCG has doubled, and the embryo may be slow or even stopped due to the lack of nutrients. If the progesterone is not enough, the embryo will be unstable in bed, causing bleeding or even abortion.

However, the value of HCG and progesterone is low, and it is not necessarily aborted. It is just that the chance will be high. Once bleeding occurs, you should check it. If you have a bad pregnancy history before, you can also prevent it in case.

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