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Women have two ovaries. These two ovaries are like two watermelon vines. It constantly grows new little watermelon. How long is this growth cycle?How long is your own little watermelon really mature?The watermelon we eat is several months, but our female own watermelon is half a month. Yes, in half a month, a mature "watermelon" will grow on your ovaries -follicle!When did it grow quietly in half a month?Those small follicles that can be seen on the first day of menstruation are ready. They grow up a little bit every day. The small follicles that have been eliminated for various reasons for various reasons are apoptus.Large follicles are mature, what is there?Like watermelon, there are mature seeds inside, waiting for the day when you are cooked, meet the most brave sperm, and then create a miracle of life.So ovarian is the place where seeds are breed.

Women also have a house. The space structure of this house is very simple, because it has only one bedroom, and our bedroom is square. This bedroom is triangular.Spacious.

There are three doors in this bedroom, no windows!

Let’s take a look at the main entrance of this triangular bedroom, and open at the top of the vagina -the cervix. This door is solemn. Generally, only sperm is allowed to pass. It can also be said to be built for Mr. Sperm!The cervix first has an outer door (gate) -The cervix outer mouth. After entering the outer door, Mr. Sperm is going to walk in a rugged promenade. The 2-3 cm promenade is a test for the little sperm.The sperm, not so sperm, can cross this door.Well, after walking this door, it is an inner door (two doors) -the inner mouth of the cervix. Once the inner door is passed, Mr. Sperm really enters this triangle bedroom, which is covered with thick.Flat sponge and rich irrigation systems in the sponge to ensure nutritional supply.

But at this time, the sperm will not stop because of the gentleness and abundance here. The moment they enter the inner door, they will continue to the bottom of the room to find the left and right two parts -the fallopian tube opening. ThisThe problem occurred, and the sperm army’s opinions were not uniform. Some thought that the egg princess was in the left door on the left, and some thought that in the right door on the right, so they were divided into two ways.Regardless of the partial door over there, the world outside the door is the same. Once the sperm sperm crosses the door, it will walk out of this room.Is a single wooden bridge, which is characterized by slender, how thin?The thinnest place is 1mm, how long is it?8-14cm.(Note that the unit is different!) But there is a relatively spacious small room on the other end of its tubal pot. If the ovary is the cradle of egg princess growth, then this room is the "boudoir" of the egg princess.The veritable door does not come out of the two doors!When Mr. Sperm came to the boudoir of the Egg Princess a thousand miles, he would fall in love here. It turned out that here is their "cave house", but their cave rooms have no candles.

Well, after the night of the cave house, a new life was born -Hezi, this is a large cell. He will grow into a mulberry embryo within 3 days.The new embryo grows quickly, so the problem is, the cave is too small, and it is impossible to play this new life. What should I do?Everyone knows that children are smart. In fact, the "children" in the embryo are already very smart. Isn’t there a large triangle room?So the smart embryo baby began to return to that big room along his father -Mr. Sperm when he came, and he could only return to the original road, because this terrain was only available in this single wooden bridge, two o’clock.So the embryo babies walked while growing up, and finally came to the partial door passed by Mr. Sperm. It finally crossed it and came to the big room., But the nutrition left by his mother has been exhausted, what should I do?Isn’t there a large room sponge floor?The sponge floor is quite soft and nutritious, so the smart sponge baby began to find a way to drill into the sponge floor, so that it would not worry about eating without "rice"!

The embryo baby is finally at ease, because the nutrition here is really full. It settled here. This time, it settled for ten months, and every day felt the temperature in the mother’s blood.All kinds of fine foods that are processed and then given to him are finally ten months. He has grown up and mature. This room can not be enriched. He does not need his mother to process various fine foods, because she can already look like itself.Mom ate like, so the mother felt his information. When she came to the hospital, with the help of the obstetrician, the door that his father sperm first went in -the cervical mouth, and came to the larger world outside.A baby was born!

Suggestions to increase the chance of pregnancy

(1) Life habits:

Women in the workplace are busy with work and stress.Experts suggest that if you want to increase the chance of conception, you must develop good habits.Staying up late is particularly easy to create a sense of transactional nerve excitement. Even if you have symptoms of constipation and acne, it will cause damage to the body.

(2) Exercise:

Some women do not like sports, experts point out that they can take a quick way to exercise.Do more foot exercise, which can strengthen the blood circulation of the lower abdominal cavity, reduce the discomfort caused by the long -term sitting position, and avoid brain congestion.Sitting up at 5-10 times a day can strengthen the power of the abdominal rectus muscles.The weakness of the abdominal muscles is the symbol of poor physical strength, and it is also related to the physiological functions of Renmai and Crystal Palace.Maintaining good exercise habits can enhance physical strength, which is very helpful for the physical load and production of pregnancy.

2. How to get pregnant: How to improve the "hit rate" of conception

According to foreign statistics, every 10 couples will encounter the distress of failing to get pregnant and have children 2 to 3 years after marriage.Although there are no exact statistics in my country, as far as the number of absolute people is concerned, there are definitely a lot of people.These infertility and infertility couples seek medical treatment everywhere, hoping to solve this problem, one of the most concerned issues is how to improve the "hit rate" of conception.

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