Do you not eat pregnant sows?How to do this!Look at the professional households to do so

The management of sows during pregnancy is very important. Improper breeding during pregnancy is prone to anorexia, which affects the uterine environment. The fetus is easy to malnutrition. Some may even cause abortion, dead tires, etc.In order to help farmers, our veterinarian teachers summarize what to do if pregnant sows do not eat.

1. Pregnant sows must have the appropriate amount of exercise. It is best to move freely at the sports field for 2 to 3 hours per day. It can enhance the physical fitness of the sows. The sows are lying on the ground for a long time.Taoism has caused the decline or not.

When you are in summer, you should choose the morning and the sun in the morning, so as to prevent pigs from being severely suffering from Rita due to sunshine, but also prevent the sows from squeezing and bite the rack to cause a mechanical miscarriage.

2. Ensure the environment of the pig house, especially in summer, frequent rainfall, the pig house is easy to humid, sows will be irritable, and their appetite will decrease. Therefore, the pig house must do a good job of ventilation and cooling, and keep dry.

3. Sow’s nutritional disorders during pregnancy, nutritional imbalances such as vitamins and minerals, etc., can also cause sows to disorders digestive tract disorders and appetite.The sow should be fed with good quality sows during pregnancy. The content of rough protein in the diet should reach 12%. Fed the rough materials in the early stages of pregnancy.

4. You can add life peptides appropriately in the feed (mix well in granular materials or powder materials, and mix 1 tons of material per bag). The sow has good tire protection and tire effects during pregnancy to improve the mother’s motherPigs do not eat food, reduce sow constipation; breastfeeding sisters increased; stimulating intestinal peristalsis and protecting sow intestinal health.

In addition, when you have a dead child in the belly, you do not eat it (this is speculated by time when the pig is under the pig).

1 Cause analysis:

1. Inflammation, such as the hidden infection of sows;

2. The sows are not eaten by fever caused by diseases such as colds.

3. Clinical symptoms The body temperature of the sow is normal or slightly lower, and the feces are normal or slightly dry. Occasionally there are constipation, more urine and red yellow, depressed, sleeping, diet drop significantly, and then develop into a hunger strike. There are no other obvious symptoms.Essence

2 Treatment: First judge whether the pig has a fever.

1. When you do not have a fever, the cephalosporin is polysaccharide, and the other side of the composite vitamin B is fine.

If you are serious, you need to hang your needle.

The first bottle of antibacterial anti -inflammatory prevention treatment secondary infection (such as commonly used cephalosporin),

The second bottle promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis (composite vitamin B), strong heart (sodium camphor) tonic, and relieve autologous poisoning (glucose).If you can’t do the need for pins, you need to drink water.For those who do not eat this, try to take intravenous injection pins. Because they do not eat for a long time, they need to supplement nutrition, so the effect of the injection only is not good. For those who only occur, it can be treated with anti -inflammatory and gastrointestinal motility.

2. When fever, fever and anti -inflammatory, symptomatic treatment.


1. Feed should be added with sufficient coarse feed, vitamins, and minerals to promote gastrointestinal motility.

2. Try to put the sows in a slightly larger column.

3. For some time before delivery, exercise should be more important to prevent pre -delivery.


The sow should cut the amount of feed during pregnancy, so that the weight gain during pregnancy is 35 ~ 40 kilograms, and it is not good for the sow production.

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