Do you not get pregnant during breastfeeding?Don’t misunderstand this sentence

Many women after childbirth will take breastfeeding. Generally speaking, most of the breastfeeding time will remain in about eight months to one year. During this breastfeeding time, many women do not take contraceptive measures after recovering their sexual life and do not take contraceptive measures.It is believed that the breastfeeding period will not be pregnant. In fact, this view is wrong, and the breastfeeding period will also be pregnant. Therefore, contraceptive work still has to be done.

"Six months before the baby, it was breastfeeding completely day and night, and before the menstruation had recovered, the mother’s chance of pregnancy was less than 2 %, which can avoid premature pregnancy and help the mother and baby’s health."Obviously, we have not taken contraceptive measures to perform sexual life without the previous breastfeeding measures.

In fact, the recent research "Research on Postpartum Ovulation Recovery Time and its influencing factors" shows that more than 50 % of women have resumed ovulation within 60 days after delivery.The study conducted B -ultrasound and urine LH reagent testing from the second week of postpartum maternal mothers to observe postpartum ovulation signs.Relevant data from postpartum ovulation time and menstrual recovery in this study shows:

The ovulation recovery time was the earliest of 14 days. The medium number of ovulation recovery time for breastfeeding, mixed feeding, and artificial feeding was 59 days, 50 days, and 36 days, and the average menstrual recovery time of postpartum was 101 days average.

As long as you have ovulation, you have the opportunity to get pregnant. Therefore, once you restore sexual life after delivery, you should immediately contraception. What are the appropriate contraceptive measures?


"Oral contraceptive pill

One of the most comfortable contraceptive methods, short -acting contraceptives take one daily, or take 22 days from the date of menstruation. It can be regular menstruation and helps symptoms such as abdominal pain and irritability.Applicable crowd: At present, there are no plans to be recommended by children or mothers who have been breastfeeding, especially suitable for married women who do not have no fertility.

"Safety Period Method

The cost of calculating the safety period is low, and it can make two people closer.However, the failure rate is as high as 14.4%-47%. Even for women with regular menstruation, due to changes in climate, diet, emotion, environment, etc., ovulation time will fluctuate, and even additional ovulation will occur.Therefore, the word safety period is easy to mislead everyone. In fact, the method of safety is not safe at all.

Applicable people: It is used only for people who use normal menstrual cycles, live together for a long time, and can correctly grasp the estimated period of safety. It is particularly not suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles, couples in relatives, and women with changes in living environment.

"Male condom

It is currently the most common contraceptive tool. It can also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS while contraception.However, condoms are made of natural latex. Some people will have allergic reactions after use, and will affect the comfort of gender life.

Applicable people: There is no specific targeted population for condoms. In particular, breastfeeding mothers use condoms as contraceptives, because drugs are not recommended during breastfeeding. Drugs may affect milk secretion and baby growth and development.

"Ligging contraception

Ligation will not affect the level of sex hormone in the body. It just blocks the channels for the encounter of essence eggs. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it that it will eliminate the second sexual characteristics of people, or the ligament enters the menopause in advance.

This method is once and for all, but many couples are unwilling to choose.In addition, if you still want to regenerate, you should not choose.

》》 In -uterine contraceptives

A small number of women will have a rejection of rejection to the placed metal ring, which shows that there are many menstrual flow and long menstrual period.

What should I do if I am not afraid of 10,000, what should I do if my mother accidentally get pregnant during breastfeeding?

What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding

Pregnancy during breastfeeding is a tricky thing. Due to the last birth, the uterus has not been recovered. If abortion, it hurts the body greatly. Therefore, if there is no plan to continue to ask for a child, contraceptive measures should be taken.

After breastfeeding, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid missing the best time to miscarriage. Whether you can continue to breastfeed should be based on the child’s adaptation and physical recovery.If you are sure not to ask, it is only time to do abortion, but the drug abortion time is relatively long and usually takes 3 days of medicine before it will be discharged. It may not be able to clean at a time.

It can also be directly aborted, and artificial abortion is divided into two types of pain and pain. The first one is performed under the general anesthesia. People are not guilty. However, breastfeeding should be stopped on the day.There is a painful flow of people. Generally, there is no need to use any medicine, which will not affect breastfeeding, or it will be painful, and if the method is the method, you must ask if you need to take anti -inflammatory drugs.Doctors choose antibiotics that can be taken during breastfeeding.

It is not recommended to breastfeed after pregnancy, due to changes in hormone secretion in the body, affecting milk secretion.If you are sure not to ask, then only the abortion of people, but the drug abortion time is relatively long and usually takes 3 days of medicine before it will be discharged. It may not be clean at a time.It is better to come directly and artificially.Ordinary flow, generally does not use any medicine, will not affect breastfeeding.If there is no special medication, it is generally recommended to continue breastfeeding two weeks after surgery, pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition.

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