Do you really know the two bars on the pregnancy test?

In ancient my country, people judged whether they were pregnant by "pulling the pulse"

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Related survey data show that there are nearly hundreds of millions of children in the first- and second -tier cities in my country. Some of them will have 4 to 6 times in their lives that they suspect their pregnancy experience. 91%suspect that women who are pregnant will first choose home inspection Pregnant products.

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Just let the test strip contact urine, you can detect whether you are pregnant. The simple operation involves multiple biological reactions.At present, most of the pregnancy test sticks on the market are qualitatively or semi -quantitatively detected by the dual -antibody sandwich method based on the double antibody sandwich method.

▶ What is the principle of HCG?

HCG is the secretion of nourishing cells of the placenta and enters the mother’s blood. The urine is entered through the blood circulation. When the HCG concentration in the urine sample is not less than 25miu/ml, the test results of the pregnancy test stick are positive.

Generally speaking, 10 to 12 days after the fertilization egg is formed, HCG reaches a certain height to detect pregnancy. If you have not measured positive for the time being, the following symptoms may be pregnant:

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△ Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy

It should be noted that some symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy will be more like a cold. If you take medicine blindly and have a lot of damage to the fetal baby, you must use the medication if you eliminate your pregnancy.

▶ Why is the pregnancy test stick deep and shallow?

1. No pregnancy, it may be because the tested urine is contaminated;

2. I have been pregnant, but because the pregnancy time is relatively short, the hormone level is not high;

3. Poor development of ectopic pregnancy or internal pregnancy;

4. The effect of drug or disease.

▶ Is it necessary to be pregnant?

1. There is an error in the test strip itself, the operation is incorrect, and there may be false positives.

2. Patients with menopausal women, ovulation, and bilateral ovarian removal during the year, because of the high content of urine macroscopy, there may be false positives.

3. Mental gland tumors, thyroid dysfunction, ovarian cysts, endometrial hyperplasia, uterine cancer, etc., can also easily lead to false positive urine HCG.

4. During abnormal pregnancy, the abnormal enzyme of the nourishing layer of macrophages is increased, and the degradation products are also increased into the urine.

Therefore, after the pregnancy test stick is measured, it is necessary to draw a blood check at the hospital at a suitable time to check HCG (about 35 days of menopause), and to see the ultrasonic examination (more than 42 days of menopause).To determine pregnancy.

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▶ Men’s HCG will also rise?

Cold Knowledge: Men’s HCG will also rise, but not pregnancy, but testicular tumors and spermatogenic cell carcinoma.

The National Cancer Research Institute pointed out that testicular cancer is a more common cancer for men aged 20 to 35.However, clinically, the incidence of testicular cancer is very low. If the cancer cells can be found out of the testicular, the survival rate of five years can be as high as 99%, and the cure rate is quite high.Men friends can also secretly test with test strips.

In recent years, HCG, such as pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, can also be increased, so HCG is regarded as one of the cancer markers.Even so, comprehensive analysis and judgment must be combined with clinical situations and other examination results.

▶ Precautions for the use of pregnancy test sticks

1. Use the first urine in the morning, or ensure that the urine is more than 4 hours in the bladder.

2. Drink plenty of water to prevent the hormone concentration in dilute urine.

3. Carefully read the drug description to prevent the impact of the drug.

4. Read the manual carefully before testing to ensure the correct operation.

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