Do you sleep on the left side after pregnancy or be comfortable?Sleeping posture is particular, don’t sleep wrong and affect the fetus

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Pregnant mother 1: After pregnancy, the doctor told me to sleep on the left side, and sometimes woke up in the middle of the night to find that the sleeping position had changed, so scared to change it back.

Pregnant Mom 2: Sleeping on the left side of the day is too uncomfortable. Lying with backache and back to sleep. I change to sleep on the left and right sides, and sometimes lying flat and sleeping, but now I am in the third trimester, and sometimes I am worried about the baby’s hypoxia.

Don’t you have a baby, you start to pay attention to your posture!

Yes, the sleeping posture during pregnancy is indeed particular.

Since the pregnancy, the pregnant mother has begun to pay attention to the healthy and healthy development of the fetus. The food and drinking should be particular about the sitting posture. Even like the two pregnant mothers in front, the sleeping posture cannot be careless.

Next, Jingma came to take a look with the pregnant mothers: what exactly is the sleeping posture during pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers have heard the doctor’s advice during the birth checkup, and they are lying on the left side.

Indeed, the sleeping position on the left is a sleeping position recommended during pregnancy.

In "Hills Pregnancy Encyclopedia", in the introduction of sleeping posture during pregnancy, some of them also wrote: For most pregnant women, the most comfortable sleeping posture is to lie on the left side, and on each pad between the two knees and the lower back pads on each pad on the lower back.Strong pillow.

There are also the benefits of a few "left -lying" postures in the book:

It can reduce the reflux and let the stomach stop in the stomach due to the gravity effect;

The liver is on the right, which can reduce the oppression of the liver;

Reduce the pressure on the lower back;

Prevent poor breathing, snoring, and breathing suspension when you sleep.

Therefore, from the perspective of medicine, the doctor will recommend that the sleeping position after pregnancy will recommend that it is "the left side."

But if you insist on your left side every day, you will not only make your body very tired, but also make the pregnant mother’s psychological pressure.

Just like the first pregnant mother at the beginning of the article, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I found that I was not lying on the left side, and I was very worried.

Some pregnant mothers always remember sleeping on the left because of their heart, and they started to be nervous every day, and couldn’t even sleep.

Therefore, there are also some doctors and experts suggested: without special circumstances, you can choose a comfortable posture you feel comfortable.

① In the early stages of pregnancy, you can basically sleep on your back, change the left and right sides to sleep;

② In the middle of the pregnancy, the sleeping sleep is determined according to the situation. If the stomach is particularly large or sleepy, you can sleep on the left and right sides.

③ By the time of pregnancy, the stomach is basically large. For the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses, try to sleep on the left and right sides, and don’t sleep again.

I have a friend. She has been normally after pregnancy, and she has not paid much attention to her life.

Sleeping posture, except for sleeping on his stomach, changes in other postures, and feels comfortable as the principle.

One day in the third trimester, she was lying on a nap, and she was suddenly awakened by a baby’s fierce fetal movement. After waking up, the baby’s fetal movement was still very powerful.

She leaned up and slowed down. After she could move less, she did not feel the fetal movement in more than twenty minutes later. She was a little panicked, and she hurried to the hospital when she felt uneasy.

After the examination, the doctor said that the baby was a little hypoxic. Fortunately, she came early to not danger. Later, she talked to us and said that she couldn’t be afraid after thinking about it.

Therefore, in the late pregnancy, it is still recommended that pregnant mothers try to avoid lying flat as much as possible, which may cause the fetus to have hypoxia.

Many pregnant mothers have also heard the doctor reminded that they should pay attention to avoid fetal hypoxia.

However, in addition to testing the fetus and found that there are hypoxia, how can pregnant mothers find out early in life in life?

胎 Look at the fetal movement: fetal movement is the "barometer" of the health of the fetus.

For pregnant mothers, the most direct way to judge the fetal condition is fetal movement.

Under normal circumstances, when the fetal movement is active every day, the strength and duration of the fetal movement, what feelings of each fetal movement, etc., the pregnant mother basically has a general rule.

But if you suddenly feel the feeling of fetal movement (intensity, amplitude) different from time to time, you must pay attention, especially "a fierce fetal movement is gradually gone without fetal movement", it is even more vigilant.

What should I do at this time?

If you have a fetus at home, you can first listen to whether the fetal heart is normal. If it is not between 120-160 times, it means that the abnormalities should be abnormal, and you should go to the hospital in time.

If you can’t judge yourself, go directly to the hospital for examination.

How do you sleep every day during pregnancy, is you sleeping on the left, or is there no fixed posture?Do you feel that you can’t sleep well every day in the late pregnancy?Come and share your experience and suggestions.

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