Do you still know after pregnancy? Do you know these four situations during pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, she is a matter sooner or later, so the digital changes on the weight scale have become the focus of many expectant mothers.Many expectant mothers are worried that if the weight gain during pregnancy is too light, it may affect the healthy development of the fetus; there are also expectant mothers who are worried that if the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, it will cause difficulty in giving birth.So how much is the most suitable for weight gain during pregnancy?Let’s talk about the point of weight during pregnancy today!

Do you know these 4 situations during pregnancy?

1. The body is thin, and it is not very long after pregnancy. Does it affect the fetus in the stomach?

No one thinks, but what is important is that you must ensure the balanced dietary nutrition, so that the fetus in the abdomen can obtain sufficient nutrition in the growth process, and it will not affect the normal healthy development of the fetus.If you do n’t have appetite, you can eat as little meals as possible and bring some food with you. When you are hungry, replenish energy as soon as possible to prevent the fetal development.

2. As soon as you are pregnant, your weight has decreased. Is this normal?

Pregnant mothers who do not have to worry too much about this situation are also a common symptom. This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction of pregnancy, and because the pregnant mother will change after pregnancy, the body’s hormone will change, and it may even be possible.As a result, pregnant women have poor appetite and loss of appetite.And in the early stages of pregnancy, the nutrition required for the development of the fetus, the body of the pregnant mother can be guaranteed, so the pregnant mother does not have to worry about the weight loss and endanger the normal development of the fetus.After the pregnancy reaction is reduced during pregnancy, the weight will naturally rise.

3. When a doctor’s routine examination, the doctor reminds not to gain too fast. Why?

During pregnancy, if pregnant women find that they are overweight, it is easy to increase the risk of pregnant women with hypertrophy and gestational diabetes, so at this time, they should be slightly controlled by their mouths.In addition, the weight of pregnant women is too fast, which is easy to cause a greater burden on the heart, blood vessels, back, legs and other parts of pregnant women, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women.And if the weight of pregnant women grows too fast, it is likely that the fetus will be too large, which may not be conducive to the proceeding of delivery.So if the doctor reminds you to control your weight during pregnancy, you should pay attention.

4. The weight is severe exceeding the standard. Should I control the diet now?

If you find that the weight exceeds the standard, try not to die at this time, because it is likely to affect the normal development of the fetus.This is because mothers, controlling the amount of diet, may cause too hungry in the abdomen, which will greatly increase the risk of obesity after the birth of the fetus.Therefore, if the weight is serious, pregnant women should try to change some eating habits in their daily diet, eat less high -fat, high -sugar foods, and eat more low -calorie foods.Usually, you should still adhere to exercise during pregnancy to control your weight appropriately.

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