Do you want to cut your hair after pregnancy?Look at these reasons before making a decision

Xiao Liu cherishes her hair, but after pregnancy, she heard her mother -in -law said that she had to cut her hair for the health of the fetus.Cutting or not, it has become the most troublesome issue of Xiao Liu.Just like Big S, people who are like a life are for their babies, they still cut their hair.In fact, many mothers cut their hair like big S. After all, compared with children, they are still important than children.But what is the reason for cutting hair?Today, I will solve the confusion for everyone, and Xiao Liu can know his choice.

During pregnancy cleaning is inconvenient

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are not very flexible.It is not convenient to walk, wear shoes and so on.The hair is very easy to get oil. It takes three days to wash. The expectant mother dragging her belly is not too convenient to wash it every two days. It is too expensive to go to the barber shop, and there are many chemicals in the barber shop.Barber Shop.So washing hair was not very convenient during pregnancy.And washing hair in winter is more inconvenient and easy to catch a cold.When a cold appears, mothers need to take medicine during pregnancy, which is not very good for the baby’s growth and development.Therefore, the expectant mother is for the fetus and for herself, it is best not to leave too long hair.

Easy to lose hair during pregnancy

I heard that the post -90s have begun to lose hair. Young people are getting lost, so there is no need to say that mothers are pregnant.During pregnancy, it is also a time that is easy to lose hair, so when the mother -in -law combed her hair in the morning, she would find that her hair was getting less and less.When I saw my beloved hair one by one, the mood of expectant mothers must not be good, and it was not good for the baby’s development.Therefore, mothers should not be cut hair during pregnancy, so don’t have to look at the hair one by one.Moms don’t feel that she will become ugly when she cuts her hair. It is also attractive to know that short -haired women are also very attractive.

Postpartum feeding baby is prone to accidents

When the mother needs to feed the baby often, the mother’s hair will become an obstacle to the baby’s milk.It is possible to let the baby eat the mother’s hair, or the hair is wrapped into the baby’s childish body.This is not good for babies. It is best to cut your hair as a mother. This can reduce the baby’s hair to be life -threatening, and it can also make the baby’s body from being wrapped in long hair.

The mood of expectant mothers to be reluctant to cut her hair can be understood, but they must consider the baby’s situation.After all, hair can still grow, and only one baby.Specific mothers should consider that everyone has a beautiful heart, but it is necessary to make some sacrifices for the baby.

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