Do you want to pull wisdom teeth before pregnancy?Finally explained

Text 丨 Medicate, Editor 丨 Qiao Qiao

Why do dentists persuade female friends to draw wisdom tooth before pregnancy?Why do dentists persuade a comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy and deal with the problems that can be found?

The picture comes from the Internet

I do n’t know. At first glance, there are so many examples of abandoning the fetus due to inflammation of wisdom teeth during pregnancy!IntersectionIntersectionA small wisdom teeth can bring such a huge pain to the expectant mothers and the entire family, so we have a responsibility to give everyone, especially to popularize the mothers who are preparing to get pregnant. Wisdom teeth are harmful to pregnant women!

First, what is wisdom teeth

I believe that most people are not unfamiliar. Wisdom teeth are the third inner third grinding teeth on the alveolar bone in the population cavity.Because it is very late for a long time, it is about 16 to 25 years old, and at this time, the physiological and psychological development of people is close to maturity, so it also symbolizes "wisdom coming" and is commonly known as "wisdom teeth".

Why does the wisdom of pregnant women look like a "timing bomb"?

If it is normal, the dentist may say, "If the wisdom teeth are not painful or swollen, you can not deal with it, but if you tell him to prepare for the baby, he will immediately turn around.Trouble! "What happened to a pregnant woman?Can’t pregnant women get along with the wisdom teeth that have been accompanied by many years?

That’s right, others can, pregnant women are hard to say, and may be dragged down by wisdom teeth.Because of the pregnancy of women, the endocrine system will change greatly. The gingival mucous membrane is congested and edema. In order to ensure the nutritional supply of the fetus, some women’s oral cleaning habits during pregnancy will change the gingival inflammation around the wisdom tooth.During this period, pregnant women can neither take medicine nor can I have creative operations such as tooth extraction.If you encounter a daddy incident such as crown abscesses and pulpitis, it will be more tricky. I am afraid that I ca n’t bear it. It ’s not that I’ m not taking medicine.

In addition, during pregnancy, the doctor will not shoot X -rays for you. Although the effect of shooting X -rays on pregnant women has always been controversial at home and abroad, the doctor will not take it easily for you.In the case, it is purely operating by hand.

Before pregnancy, do a good safety investigation

Really, this is not a propaganda for the dentist. If you have a plan to get a baby, you must watch a dentist once before pregnancy, take a composite section, remove the wisdom teeth with hidden dangers abnormal, to prevent the wisdom dental crown and complications and its complications.IntersectionIn addition to wisdom teeth, you should also pay attention to whether the lower mouth gums are healthy. If you have caries, you must do a regular examination before pregnancy, and find hidden dangers to deal with it in time to avoid post -trouble!

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