Do you want to throw away your pet during pregnancy?Intersection

The shovel officer is preparing for pregnancy, there are always bad people who want to hurt me

I am a meow star who is in danger. Since my shovel officials have begun to prepare for pregnancy, her mother -in -law and mothers have faintly revealing a "murderous".After careful investigation, I finally found out that the root of the persecution of the harm was that it was -Toxoplasma!

They said that if the toxoplasma was infected during pregnancy, it would cause death and natural abortion in the fetus.

Infection of Toxoplasma, you eat it yourself!

Lan thin!mushroom!anger!

Gow -shaped insect pests are not false, but you have to clarify the fact for the cats. You dyed the toxoplasma worm because you eat it!born!Meat!Or half!born!Meat!For example, French people who like three -point cooked steak, the infection rate of bow -shaped worms is as high as 60%~ 70%!China is less than 10%, which is why many people have no cat but infected with toxoplasma!

The route of the infection of Toxoplasma is as follows:

1. Eat raw or half -life meat

2. Drinking unintentional dairy products

3. Eat raw, not clean vegetables

4. Cat

We just ranked fourth, understand, right?Most of your infections are "doing" yourself!

The cat is not born with insects

The cats are indeed the host of the bowworm, which means that only we can spread the toxoplastyworm.But we are not born with bugs, but also infected with acquired!

Healthy cats can be infected with infected birds, mice, etc. with infected birds, mice, etc. with healthy cats in the wild.If the cats who have been raised at home from the beginning of birth, they insist on fed with cat food and cans, and the probability of infection of Toxoplasma is very small.

Take meow check, depending on whether there are insect eggs in the feces

If you don’t worry, you can bring your cat master to the pet hospital for examination.If the bow -shaped antibody IgG is detected, it only means that this meow has been infected with the Toxoplasma.Whether it is contagious is best to check the feces of meow. The ovaries with a bowworm in the feces are really contagious.

During pregnancy, the cat infection infection of the bowworm, the probability of the first lottery

Each meow star only infected with a bow -shaped worm once in life, and it will only spread once in a lifetime, mostly within two weeks of infection.Occupation requires about 1 to 5 days, and there is no infectiousness within 24 hours of oval sac.

Therefore, unless it happens to be in the "ovulation period" of the bowworm, the shoveling officer has 1 to 3 months of pregnancy … It happened that she was lazy for 2 or 3 days without shit … and did not have gloves shit, and did not wash her hands to eat things.… Only may be infected and cause a serious impact on the fetus.

If this is made, please go to the hospital to buy a lottery ticket!

No pregnancy is planned, and you can not treat the infection of Toxoplasma.

Most people with normal immunity will not have any symptoms in the infection of Toxoplasma.The crooked brick family believes that before pregnancy, the infection of Toxoplasma is infected with the toxoplasma worm in about 6 months. Once IgG antibodies are generated, the baby can be protected from infection after pregnancy.

Prepare pregnancy, it is best to treat LGM positive first

Those who are preparing to get pregnant have to check the bow -shaped worm. The hospital often uses TORCH examination. There are several test results for the toxoplasma worm:

1. LGG is positive LGM.Congratulations, you have a certain resistance to the Toxoplasma, you can continue to support your cat master.

2. LGG is negative LGM or IgG and LGM. It is positive: Unfortunately, you are infected with a hormone, and it is best to treat it first before pregnancy.Use spiomycin, sulfrazine and other drugs for treatment.After three months, check the antibody. If LGM has become negative, you can get pregnant.

3. LGG and LGM are negative: indicate that the toxoplasma has not been infected, and there is no resistance to Toxoplasma.At this time, it is recommended to check your cat owner. It is best to temporarily separate the pain if there is infection.It is really impossible to give up. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examinations on a regular basis before and during pregnancy to ensure safety.

Don’t give up your baby easily during pregnancy infection

Although the chance of infection of Toxoplasma during pregnancy is much lower than 1%, if you are so unfortunate, you are still in the early stages of pregnancy (1 to 12 weeks of pregnancy).Then whether the baby can stay, you need to discuss the decision with careful discussions with the doctor.

If the mother is young, but because of the infection of the Toxoplasma, it is depressed, and it is necessary to consider giving up this baby all day long.And if the expectant mothers are old and it is not easy to have a baby, then you can formulate a treatment plan with your doctor and closely monitor the baby’s situation in the palace.

The results of the hospital’s examination are not necessarily accurate

However, this meow still wants to tell you a fact that the detection of bow -shaped antibodies also has a lot of connection with the state of the human body, especially during pregnancy, the human body is in a high -sensitive stage, and there may be false positive results.It is recommended that you choose a professional parasitic research institution to confirm the diagnosis if you have a need.

To prevent the toxoplasma, the cats are serving the cat owner to the baby’s dad

After understanding the toxoplasma wormworm, my shoveling officer was determined to give up with me. I love her and love her future babies.Therefore, it is recommended that she must do the following 10 points:

1. The expectant mother should not change the cat in person and hand over the task to his dad.

2. When shovel cat sand, you must bring gloves, shovel dedicated, do not spat the cat litter and give the flower pine soil!

3. Wash your hands in time after touching the cat or contacting sand.

4. Make sure that cat litter is cleaned every day.

5. Do not boil the cat litter everywhere.

6. Feed cats or cans for cats, do not feed raw or half of the meat (don’t eat shoveling officers themselves!).

7. Don’t let the cats go out, including open balcony.

8. Don’t call the cats at home to contact the stray cat.

9. The oval of the toxoplasma can be survived in the soil for several years. When you have to contact the soil and sand, you must wear gloves.

10. Fruits and vegetables make sure that they are clean or cooked and peeled.

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Many families send them away from dogs because of toxoplastyworms. You must know that dogs do not spread toxoplasma.However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the relatively weak body immunity of pregnant women. You also need to be careful of pets and hookworms of pets. These two parasites can also be transmitted to people.So be sure to remove the pets regularly.Seeing mothers should seek medical treatment in time when there are any discomfort during pregnancy ~

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