Does dysmenorrnoea affect pregnancy?The first one makes many people be worried

Dysmenorrhea is a common problem for women. Dysmenorrhea can affect women’s fertility function and speed up the aging of the human body; dysmenorrhea can cause the quality of women’s life to decline, and there will also be infertility problems.Women’s dysmenorrhea should be paid attention to, adopting the appropriate method to regulate dysmenorrhea. Below, do we know how to affect female dysmenorrhea will affect pregnancy?

Does dysmenorrnoea affect pregnancy?

1. Dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by Gong Han. Gong Han will affect women’s fertility function, and it will affect the operation of ovarian function, and will perform normal ovulation function.

2. Women should do a good job of warming the waist during menstruation, otherwise it is easy to have dysmenorrhea problems. Dysmenorrhea will not only cause infertility, but also induce a variety of gynecological diseases.

3, dysmenorrhea can cause infertility, dysmenorrhea can also cause women to menstrual disorders, and will cause women’s quality of life to decline, try to take appropriate methods to condition.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the physique of women with dysmenorrhea is more common in qi deficiency, yang deficiency, qi depression, and blood stasis, and patients with severe illnesses are especially the most yang deficiency.The reason may be related to the living habits such as air -conditioning, clothing exposure, and wading during menstruation in summer.

If the diet is not unveiled or diet is biased, it is good to eat cold drinks, such as ice vapor water, ice cream, iced beer, etc., directly damage the spleen yang, which will gradually decline in the spleen and stomach yang.Gradually weakened.

At this time, we have clearly knew that dysmenorrhea would lead to infertility, so how to treat infertility caused by dysmenorrhea?Director Duan Xiaofang, a well -known gynecological expert, has been engaged in the clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 20 years, and is good at the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical theory of diseases such as gynecology and infertility.

The treatment plan held by Duan Xiaofang is the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine: first regulate the viscera, regulate qi and blood, and adjust the human body’s righteousness, solve the problem from the viscera, and restore the original function of the ovary.Secondly, blood and qi and qi are expelled and soft, removing blood stasis, eliminating toxins, and nourishing blood and nourishing qi.Finally, righteousness to help the human body increase the resistance and prevent the disease repeatedly.Thoroughly solve the cause, warm the kidney and nourish the sun, strengthen the spleen and blood, and relieve the liver and qi.

"Girls’ uterus is like a flower pot, so that the soil nutrients are fertile to raise them; they eat cold foods every day without paying attention to keeping warm. The flower pot becomes a refrigerator.Grow up? "

Director Director Director reminds everyone: In the cold season, please take care of your body!

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