Does perfume really affect pregnancy?

In various palace fighting dramas, the insidious negative characters like to frame each other with incense. For a while, everyone talks about it. So, will the perfume really cause infertility?

When it comes to perfume, you have to talk about musk

Musk, in many ancient books or modern palace fighting dramas, are all "vicious things" that are discouraged.There are two categories: natural musk and artificial musk.

The so -called natural musk is primitive spices from animals.There is a kind of animal called musk, also known as Xiangzi, in my great power, it is a second -level key protection of wild animals.And natural musk is the glandular secretion between the navel and the genitals of the male musk. It has a special aroma after drying and has a bitter taste (this is estimated to have tasted it).Our ancestors have been discovered after long -term practice that this natural musk can be used as medicine, and it can use analgesia, swelling, and promoting blood circulation.

According to the medicinal value of natural musk and the abortion artifacts in palace fighting dramas, natural musk does have contraceptive effects, but this is a long -term process.

The so -called artificial musk refers to a spice similar to musk -like smells produced by synthesis.Most of the current perfumes are artificial musk, such as Dior. Its hot -selling perfume ranges from Dior addict to J’adore.

Natural musk was listed as disabled by the Perfume Association as early as the 1980s.Therefore, the natural musk in modern perfume is almost extinct.Collecting natural musk needs to kill animals, and the output is very low, which makes the price of natural musk more expensive than gold. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is unlikely to have natural musk in the perfume.

How much musk contains in perfume?

There are artificial musk ingredients in perfume, but extremely small.The content of pure fragrances in common light fragrance grade (EDP) will not exceed 20%, while the EDT of the perfume level is lower than this, and the content of flavors in ancient dragon water and flowers is lower.In pure incense, the proportion of artificial musk is usually 1%-3%, so even if you spray 100ml perfume at a time, the proportion of musk is also very small, which will not cause damage to the body.

However, it is worth mentioning that we like the must -have artifact of the summer mosquito repellent, which we like to see -flower dew water, which also contains artificial musk.This made many girls panicked!In fact, if you think about it, Musk, as such a precious Chinese medicinal material, even if the dew water contains, how much can a dozen dollars buy the dew water, it must be within the range of use.

Be cautious.

Chinese women’s fear of musk is about from the palace fighting drama. The concubines in the harem often secretly buy musk secretly, just to kill the abdomen of a certain concubine, or let a certain concubine never conceive.In fact, natural musk does have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, contraception, and the effect of artificial musk is much less.

However, for the cautiousness, if you are preparing for pregnancy or during your pregnancy, you will always consider it before buying.If you are not intended to prepare for pregnancy, you can rest assured that perfumes will not cause infertility.

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