Does taking Chinese medicine affect the fetus?See what the experts say

Pregnancy is a relatively dangerous process. A little carelessness may affect the fetus in the abdomen, so pregnant mothers should always pay attention at all times.Especially the diet of pregnant mothers, the drugs cannot be used casually.Today, answer the question of a pregnant mother in the private message: Does taking Chinese medicine affect the fetus?

Regardless of the use of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine during pregnancy, it should be used with caution, especially the first three months of pregnancy is very important. A little carelessness may cause fetal malformations or mutations.

And the drug needs to look at the ingredients. If it is a drug disabled for pregnant women, it is not recommended to take it. Unless it is special cases, it is generally not recommended to use Chinese medicine. Doctors must be prescribed by a doctor. Do not take the medicine by the doctor.positive effect.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to regular pregnancy tests, such as undergoing Tang’s screening from 14 weeks to 19 weeks of pregnancy, 22 to 26 weeks of pre -birth deformed and four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.Analysis, according to the situation of pregnant mothers, you should also obey the advice of a professional physician.

1) Drugs should be used separately to avoid taking several drugs together.

2) It is necessary to strictly control the time of medication and control the dose;

3) Drug use requires very clear indications to avoid unnecessary medication;

4) In the early pregnancy, when conditions permit, try to postpone the reuse of the middle and late stages;

5) Select the drugs that pregnant women can use to avoid adverseness to the fetus;

6) Need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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For example, cinnamon, grass, aconite, etc., due to the toxicity of varying degrees, may cause abortion;


For example, some Chinese medicines with blood circulation will accelerate blood circulation. There may be no way to solidify tires, such as leslas, safflower, Liu Jiu, motherwort, tapeworms, triangular, and so on;


It contains some prohibited use of tires and rotten tires, such as cinnabar and mercury.


It should not be used by the yin -wounding gas, which may cause the fetal loss and the losing solid camera. For example, the glory, talc, 芫 伤, Baban, Gan Sui, Dongbianzi, etc. are not recommended.

[Warm reminder] The medication must be performed under the guidance of a professional physician. Do not take the medicine by yourself to avoid harm to pregnant mothers and fetuses. Do not play it. You must treat it carefully.

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